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О преимуществах государственного капитализма в hi-tech

  1) “…Cuba’s research philosophy opposes the market policies of the big pharmaceutical industry

And although Cuba obtains economic revenues from the sales of its products, its research philosophy diametrically opposes the market policies of the big pharmaceutical industry.

Nobel Medicine Laureate Richard J. Roberts recently denounced that big pharmaceutical companies aim their research not to curing diseases, but to developing products for chronic conditions, which are more economically profitable. Roberts said that the diseases usually found in the poorest nations are not object of research, due to their low profitability, and for this reason 90 per cent of the research budget is dedicated to finding out about the diseases that affect only 10 per cent of the world population. [Явный перекос Парето 20/80!]

Cuban research aims at developing vaccines to prevent diseases

The Cuban medical and pharmaceutical industry largely aims its research at developing vaccines to prevent diseases and, as a result, lower the people’s medication expenses.

Cuba attains higher health indicators than the United States using up to twenty times less resources, according to an article in Science Magazine by Paul Drain and Michele Barry, two scientists at the Standford University in California. It happens that there are no commercial or market pressures or profits on the Cuban model, while there is a successful educative strategy for the population as to prevention.

Along with these vaccines, natural and traditional medicine and other alternative medicinal practices have been introduced for years in the island’s health sector.

Last but not least, it is important to note that the US economic blockade of Cuba hinders the marketing of Cuban pharmaceuticals in the United States, thus affecting the US people. For instance, a total of 80 thousand diabetic people who undergo toe amputation every year in the United States every year cannot access the Cuban vaccine known as Heberprot-P, which precisely avoids such amputations.

Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Peter Agre recently said that Cuba is a magnificent example of how knowledge and scientific research can be integrated. The general director of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, said that she was impressed at the scientific achievements of Cuba and expressed her organization’s willingness to promote them around the world.”

  2) Сделано в РФ

   «Суперкомпьютер RSC PetaStream, выполненный на базе кластерной архитектуры «РСК Торнадо» с новым поколением сопроцессорных модулей Intel Xeon Phi 7120D, с ходу установил сразу два мировых рекорда этого сезона. Первый рекорд — это максимальная плотность вычислительной мощности: 1,2 ПФЛОПС на квадратный метр занимаемой площади, что на 20% превысило рекорд предыдущей версии системы PetaStream (1 ПФЛОПС на один шкаф), представленной РСК на конференции SC’13 (Supercomputing Conference) в Денвере в ноябре 2013 года. Второй рекорд — энергетический: от одного шкафа русские умудрились отвести до 400 кВт тепловой мощности».

   «Системы RSC PetaStream работают под управлением операционной системы семейства Linux и специализированного ПО RSC PetaStream, что позволяет применять уже существующие модели программирования, масштабируя их на суперкомпьютерах вплоть до экзафлопcного диапазона».
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