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Воруют все!

  1) The 1% May Be Richer Than You Think, Research Shows
By Jeanna Smialek Aug 7, 2014 6:14 PM GMT+0400

Fed Hawks Squawk, by Tim Duy

  3) Part-time workers find full-time jobs elusive
By Patrick Gillespie
McClatchy Washington Bureau August 6, 2014

The Recession and Jobs at the Margin

  5) The Slow Recovery in Consumer Spending
Jonathan McCarthy


  6) June Trade Deficit Smaller Than Expected, Ex-Petroleum Deficit Near Record

  7) The Mystery Behind Strong Auto “Sales”: Soaring Car Leases

  8) How Many Miles Can You Drive On An Hour’s Wages? 100 Years In One Chart
By Ed Dolan Wed, 06 August 2014 21:33

Tags: 99 per cents, banksters, capital flow, coca-cola, competition crusade, crony capitalism, economics, employment, inequiality, involution, marxism, petrodollar, statistics, zoonews, Барат в помощь, ВШЭ заела, бобик сдох, пиндоз головного мозга, против человечества

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