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Воруют все!

  1) Why The Fed Can't, And Won't, Let The Stock Market Crash
“It also explains why Germany was, is and always will be leery of allowing the ECB to pursue asset bubble-inflating policies which would barely benefit pension funds on the equity side, while any rising inflation would crush the mark-to-market value of bond holdings.”

  Или почему накопительное пособие по нетрудоспособности стариков не более, чем мошенничество banksters, спроворенное политб*дями.

  2) “Stanford’s Dan Jurafsky has written a book doing just that. In The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu, Jurafsky describes how he and some colleagues analyzed a database of 6,500 restaurant menus describing 650,000 dishes from across the U.S. Among their findings: fancy restaurants, not surprisingly, use fancier—and longer—words than cheaper restaurants do (think accompaniments and decaffeinated coffee, not sides and decaf). Jurafsky writes that “every increase of one letter in the average length of words describing a dish is associated with an increase of 69 cents in the price of that dish.” Compared with inexpensive restaurants, the expensive ones are “three times less likely to talk about the diner’s choice” (your way, etc.) and “seven times more likely to talk about the chef’s choice.””

  3) Japan’s creepy sex doll industry ‘reaches next level’ in creation of perfect artificial £1,000 Dutch Wife which comes with ‘realistic feeling skin

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