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Воруют все!

  1) “Псяка говорит Европе «прыгай» — Европа прыгает. Но как долго она сможет ещё прыгать?”

  2) Earth: 248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 30 million so far. Arrests are when now?
Posted on May 17, 2014 by Carl Herman

“People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country. The data confirm this conclusion:

Americans can demand arrests of its “leaders” for such Emperor’s New Clothes-like obvious crimes, refuse any orders to unlawful wars, and participate as they see best with like-minded allies.”

  3) Kohl's And The Rest Of The Retailers Are In Deep Trouble

  • Despite financing deals of 4 years with no interest, furniture and electronics retail sales were flat versus last August. If there really is a housing recovery and 2.1 million more Americans are employed versus last August how could these discretionary sales be flat, and negative on an inflation adjusted basis?

  • Grocery store sales were up only 2.1% over last year. Even the government is reporting 2.7% food inflation in the last year. We all know it is closer to 10%, so people are actually reducing the amount of food they are buying. That is a sure sign of an economic recovery.

  • Clothing store sales were flat and department store sales were negative versus last August. So much for the back to school storyline. I do believe August is back to school time. The Sears and JC Penney Bataan Death March trudges toward bankruptcy.

  • What did surge was sales at restaurants and bars. They soared by 6.8% versus last August. We already know Darden, Yum Brands and McDonalds have reported dreadful results, so either the government is lying, soaring food prices are being passed on to customers, or people are so depressed by this awesome economic recovery they are drinking themselves into a stupor.

  4) Fixing international corporate taxation - vox

  5) NSA/GCHQ/CSEC Infecting Innocent Computers Worldwide Bruce Schneier

  6) Re-Authorizing Ex-Im Bank (Or The Easiest Way To Make A 500x Return On Investment)

“Even the government’s own Congressional Research Service found that in FY 2010, “more than 60% of Ex-Im Bank’s loan guarantees, by dollar value, supported the sale of Boeing airplanes in foreign countries.”

In fact, last year alone, Boeing received $8.3 billion in financing for its products from the Ex-Im Bank. This translates directly into sales worth roughly 10% of the company’s 2013 revenue.

So while Ex-Im doesn’t really do jack squat for the economy, they’re really moving the needle for a handful of favored companies. Especially Boeing, the bank’s #1 beneficiary.

And Boeing’s getting a pretty fantastic deal for it. According to OpenSecrets.org, Boeing spent $15.2 million on lobbying in 2013. For the $8.3 billion they received, that’s a 54,539% return on investment. Not too shabby.”

  7) ОСЛО, 15 сентября. /ИТАР-ТАСС/. “Норвежская рыбная компания Marine Harvest, крупнейший производитель поддельного атлантического лосося в мире, объявила о покупке ранее обанкротившегося чилийского производителя Acuinova Chile S.A. Сумма сделки составит $ 120 миллионов.

Норвежская компания в рамках договора с Acuinova Chile приобретет икорник, смолтовый завод, завод по первичной и вторичной переработке. Сделка позволит компании увеличить собственное производство в Чили и переориентировать на него поставки своей продукции в Россию, о чем ранее заявляли в Marine Harvest.

Ранее об аналогичных планах объявляла другая норвежская компания Cermaq.”

  8) Samsung mocks iPhone 6 in a new video, says Apple imitated Galaxy Note

  9) Образцовый идиёт PaxPsaki Дэвид Лидингтон – министра по делам унижения Европы в Министерстве иностранных дел Мелкобрыкании
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