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Тяжела и неказиста

в Illinois’е жесть…

Russia turmoil begins to bruise Illinois businesses
By Kathy Bergen and Jessica Wohl, Chicago Tribune, Nov. 14, 2014, 2:01 pm

“Caught in uncomfortable positions are a wide array of Illinois firms with a presence in Russia. They include multinationals such as McDonald’s, Caterpillar, John Deere, Boeing and Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), as well as smaller firms, such as Internet marketer BayRu. Some companies are starting to experience dents in earnings while others expect pain next year. Some are crafting contingency plans to avoid disruptions in the flow of critical supplies, and others are carefully calibrating the pace of expansion plans.

  [Не, мы чё, здря пасти разевали, да-а-а?]

A relatively minor trade partner for the Chicago area, Russia still matters greatly because of its potential. Boeing, for instance, estimates Russia will need 1,330 new airplanes, valued at $150 billion, over the next 20 years. Caterpillar estimates the nation needs to replace 70 percent of its agricultural machinery.

Oak Brook-based McDonald’s, a pioneer in the Russian market, finds itself in the crossfire in a high-profile way.

[Опосля посещения очень вежливыми людьми в белых халатах 200 из 432 бесплатных сетевых сортиров …]

“It’s a shot,” said Phil Levy, senior fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. “The Russians are saying to the U.S.: ‘You have a lot invested here. You mess with us. We can mess with you.’”

The store closings in Russia as well as some earlier voluntary closings in Crimea, the Ukrainian region annexed by Russia earlier this year, shaved a penny off the company’s third-quarter earnings per share, which ended up at $1.09. While not nearly as much as the 15 cents per share lost because of food safety concerns with a supplier in China, some observers say the potential for further damage in Russia is significant.

[Трахтур не заводится…]

“Political conflicts and social unrest continue to disrupt economic activity,” Mike DeWalt, vice president of Caterpillar’s strategic services division, said during the earnings call. Russia is also among the company’s top 15 export markets, with its U.S. factories shipping nearly $2 billion in equipment to Russia between 2009 and 2013.

Ford and GM are experiencing sales declines in Russia, said Gary Litman, vice president for international strategic initiatives at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The auto industry had been expecting substantial growth … but consumer credit has severely contracted.”


Да и в Св. Насере…

МОСКВА, 16 ноя — РИА Новости. “Отмена поставок вертолетоносцев России приведёт к тому, что 2500 рабочих судостроительной компании в Сен-Назер могут лишиться работы, профсоюзы считают эту ситуацию неприемлемой, пейсчатает… Le Figaro.

…le syndicat Force Ouvrière выразил свое “потрясение и возмущение”, заявив, что “неприемлемо и недопустимо”, чтобы подобное решение подвергало риску 2500 рабочих…

“Было бы хорошо, если бы корабль отправили, чтобы иметь возможность закончить второй”, — заявил работник французской верфи в Сен-Назер. По его словам, если строительство второго корабля будет заблокировано, это поставит рабочих в крайне затруднительную ситуацию.”

Вот и Apple capitalization прорастёт, как на грибах

“Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the major assembler of Apple Inc. iPhones, posted its slowest profit gain in a year as tepid personal computer sales put at risk founder Terry Gou’s pledge for 10 percent annual revenue growth.”
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