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Ширяется, растёт заболе-ва-ни-е

  1) Огрызкина прелесть
Carbon Nanobuds Flex, Replace Indium Tin Oxide // Unique nanobuds stretch, bend, flex
R. Colin Johnson 11/20/2014 11:25 AM EST
“…a material that is superior to both, and which can substitute for indium tin oxide (ITO). However, instead of being brittle like ITO, nanobud thin films can bend, flex, and even stretch without any adverse effects, enabling the flexible electronics of the future.

“Carbon nanobuds allow controllers to be deposited on almost any 3D surface to build touch sensors into formed or back-molded plastic parts of almost any shape,” Erkki Soininen, Canatu’s VP of marketing and sales, tells EE Times.”
2) И загадочные тайны са-му-му-раиф Востока
Megachips: Japan’s Best Kept Secret // Can it become Japan's MediaTek?
Junko Yoshida 11/21/2014 11:05 AM EST
OSAKA, Japan – “Most engineers in the US don’t know Megachips. Never heard of it. Even over here, only a few cognoscenti in the Japanese electronics industry have the faintest idea that it’s a Japanese system LSI company in Osaka.
As most integrated device manufacturers in Japan falter through a series of ineffectual consolidations and poorly executed fab-lite transitions, Megachips – founded in 1990 by seven Japanese engineers as an independent fabless chip vendor with no parent company – remains Japan’s best-kept secret success. Megachips might have the best shot to become the next MediaTek, observers familiar with the Osaka-based company have told EE Times.

Megachips is Japan’s only fabless chip company listed among the top 25 in the world by IC Insights. The company has worldwide revenues of more than $600 million.”
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