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Great War, 1914 Dec. 7



7 December 1914
French Bourse re-opens.

Vain German efforts to cross the Yser near Pervyse.
Indian Expeditionary Force completed by arrival of Sirhind Brigade from Egypt.

Second Battle for Warsaw begun by the Germans.
Russian attacks in East Prussia.
Galicia: Northern sector of the forts of Cracow bombarded by the Russians.

Mesopotamia: British success at Mezera.
Turks driven back south of Batoum (Transcaucasia).

South Africa: Rebel General Beyers defeated at Bothaville and drowned on his flight in the Vaal River.

Monday, 7 December 1914
Germans again failed to cross Yser near Pervyse.
French recovered Vermelles, Le Rutoire, and trenches S of Carency.
Further German counter-attacks against Tracy-le-Val (River Aisne) failed.

Second German attack on Warsaw.
Russians bombarded N Cracow forts.
Russians drove back Turks at Batum.

British routed Turks opposite Kurna (Tigris).

New 1st Cruiser Squadron formed at Scapa; Leviathan (F Admiral Moore), Duke of Edinburgh, Warrior, and Black Prince.
SS Michigan and City of Oxford, disguised as men of war, arrived at Scapa, where they later formed nucleus of Special Service Squadron, under Commodore Haddock, RNR, formerly ss Olympic.

Mr Churchil’s second visit to Sir J French in France.
General Beyers shot while trying to swim River Vaal, after defeat at Bothaville.
Japanese Diet opened. Emperor’s speech: “The alliance with Great Britain, and the ententes with France and Rusia have been cemented.”

7 Dez.
In Lissabon tritt die portugiesische Regierung von Ministerpräsident Bernardino Machado Guimarãaes zurück. Sie folgt damit einer Weisung von Präsident Manoel d'Arriaga, der die Bildung eines Kabinetts der nationalen Einheit bei einem bevorstehenden Kriegseintritt Portugals angeordnet hatte. Das portugiesische Parlament hatte am 24. November der Regierung Vollmachten zur Vorbereitung des Kriegseintritts an der Seite Großbritanniens gegeben. Neuer Ministerpräsident wird Vitor Hugo de Azevedo Coutinho.
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