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January 24, 1945

Wednesday, 24 January 1945 Mittwoch. 24. Januar 1945

Bei Libau (Kurland) gelingt es der dort von Einheiten der Roten Armee eingeschlossenen deutschen Heeresgruppe, einen sowjetischen Vorstoß zurückzuschlagen.
The troops of the 10th Tank Corps 5th Guards Tank Army 2nd Belorussian Front occupied city Mühlhausen
The Red Army races across Poland to German border

Soviets forces reach the estuary of the Vistula, southwest of Elbing.
2nd Byelorussian Front captures Mulhausen and attacks into Elbing, isolating German 4th Army, 3rd Panzer Army, and eight divisions of 2nd Army in East Prussia
XXVIII Korps of German 4th Army begins withdrawing southwest from Memel over the Kurische Nehrung toward Koenigsberg

Der Reichsführer SS und Reichsinnenminister Heinrich Himmler is appointed C-in-C of the newly formed Heeresgruppe Weichsel. Heinrich Himmler wird zum Oberbefehlshaber einer neuen Heeresgruppe ernannt, um den Vormarsch der Roten Armee auf Berlin zu stoppen. Die dafür erforderlichen Verbände gibt es nicht.

1st Byelorussian Front captures Gleiwitz and isolates Posen
1945: The Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front (Konev) captures Oppeln and Gleiwitz in Upper Silesia. Soviet troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front are attacking near Breslau (about 4 miles to the south-east) and Oppeln, the capital of German Upper Silesia, on the Oder River. They take Gleiwitz.

German forces evacuate Slovakia. New Soviet attacks are launched in Czechoslovakia.

IV SS Panzer Korps attacks brought to a standstill twenty miles south of Budapest
Around noon the first Soviet tanks reach Buda coming from Budakeszi in the north.

Operation Blackcock: British 2nd Army captures Weerd, Aandenberg, Montfort, Heinsberg, Haaren, Schleiden, and Uetterath. Scottish 52nd Lowland division occupies Heinsberg about 3 miles west of the Roer River.

US 1st Army continues attacking in northern sector of the Ardennes, pushing beyond St Vith
US 3rd Army continues attacking in southern sector of the Ardennes. US 3rd Army reaches the Clerf River.

US 7th Army remains engaged in Bitche sector, with some units withdrawing under pressure
French 1st Army attacking Colmar pocket, attempting to expand Ill River bridgehead. Units from the French 1st Army take crossings over the River Ill in Alsace, on the northern flank of the Colmar pocket.

ARCTIC SEA: U-295 hit a mine and was damaged so badly that she had to return to base.
Baltic Sea U-763 sunk at Koenigsberg by Soviet air attack. / Scuttled 29 Jan 1945 in Köningsberg at the Schichau shipyard, in position 54.42N, 20.32E, after being damaged by Soviet bombs.

Belgium US vessel Alcoa Banner damaged by Luftwaffe aircraft at Antwerp and subsequently written off
Formosa Japanese vessel Beiju Maru sunk and the cargo ship Taizatsu Maru damaged at Keelung by USN aircraft based in the Philippines
Empire Rupert (UK): The tug collided with HMS Twickenham and sank in the English Channel off Dover, Kent (51°03′N 1°32′E).
USS Extractor (USN): The Anchor-class rescue and salvage ship was accidentally torpedoed and sunk in the Philippine Sea (15°44′N 135°29′E) by USS Guardfish (SS 217), commanded by Lt. Commander Douglas T. Hammond, with the loss of six of her 65 crew. The survivors were rescued by USS Guardfish.
 USN LSD-15 Shadwell damaged by Japanese aircraft south of Negros Island
Shigure (IJN): The Shiratsuyu-class destroyer was torpedoed and sunk in the Gulf of Siam east of Khota Bharu (6°00′N 103°48′E) by USS Blackfin (SS 322), commanded by Commander W.L. Kitch, with the loss of 37 of her 307 crew. Survivors were rescued by Kanju and Miyake (both IJN).
 IJN auxiliary sub chaser Shunyo Maru sunk by US aircraft off Corregidor Island
Yellow Sea Japanese vessel No. 1 Taiman Maru sunk by USN submarine Atule. USS Atule (SS 403), commanded by Lt. Commander J.H. Maurer torpedoed and sank the Japanese merchant cargo ship 6888 ton Taiman Maru No.1 in the Yellow Sea.
Tungenes (Norway, 560 BRT): The coaster was shelled and sunk off Lista, Vest-Agder by German shore-based artillery. All crew survived.

North Sea Kriegsmarine S-boats conduct minelaying operations off British coast overnight.
Nordsee Minenunternehmungen dt. S-Boote: In der Nacht vom 23./24.1. wirft die 5. S-Flottille mit S 98, S 127, S 48 und S 85 Minen vor East Dudgeon. S 92 und S 67 müssen nach Flugzeugangriffen umkehren.

Kanal Das letzte der Klein-U-Boote wird am 24.1. selbstversenkt.

8 V-2 rocket launches, (one failure). Batt. 444, 1./485. Impact:
Greenwich. 4 Dead, 17 seriously injured. Slight damage to bank and post office. Railway service suspended due to debris on tracks.

US 12th Air Force grounded by poor weather conditions

U-3035 is launched.

FRANCE: General Joseph “Uncle Joe” Stilwell takes over command of US Army Ground Forces.


CANADA: The following AP report was released to the newswires – Shallow Lake, Ontario. defence minister general A.G.L. McNaughton said tonight that “today the North Atlantic is, as it hasn’t been for months past, alive with German submarines.” “We are having ships sunk day by day,” said General McNaughton in telling a political rally here why he had not been able to campaign last week as government candidate in the North Grey by-election of February 5. The following AP report was released to the newswires – The probable sinking of a U-boat in the Atlantic, four hundred miles from Britain, was reported by RAF Coastal Command tonight – another sign that submarine packs might be on the prowl. Norwegian reports said the Germans recently stationed one hundred new U-boats at Norwegian ports as far north as Narvik.

HF: Bitterly, icy, cold, and a thin fog.

Volcano Islands USN Task Group 94.9 (Rear Admiral Oscar C. Badger), consisting of the battleship USS Indiana (BB-58), three heavy cruisers, seven destroyers and a light minelayer [Kampfgruppe TF.94.9 (RAdm. Badger) mit dem Schlachtschiff Indiana, dem 5. Kreuzer-Geschwader (RAdm. Smith) mit Chester, Pensacola, Salt Lake City und 8 Zerstörern Iwojima mit 203 x 40,6cm und 1354 x 20,3cm.] bombards Iwo Jima.
IJN auxiliary minesweepers No. 7 Showa Maru, Keinan Maru, vessel I-Go Yoneyama Maru sunk by USN Task Group 94.9. / Northeast of Iwo Jima, destroyers USS Dunlap (DD-384) and USS Fanning (DD-385) sink transport I-Go Yoneyama Maru and auxiliary minesweepers Keinan Maru and No.7 Showa Maru, a small Japanese three-ship convoy that had just arrived that morning.
US 7th Air Force attacks Iwo Jima with 33 B-24 bombers
US 20th Air Force attacks Iwo Jima with 20 B-29 bombers

China Hunan-Kwangtung-Kiangsi operations: 104th Infantry Division of Japanese 23rd Army captures Yingte and Shaochow by this date
US 14th Air Force attacks railroad targets around Siangsiang, Loyang, Kaifeng, and Tungchen with 12 fighters. The US 14th Air Force has to abandon Suichuan airfield because of Japanese advances nearby.
Burma British 14th Army captures Ondaw
US 10th Air Force attacks Hsumhsai airfield with 12 bombers, Japanese positions and supply depots around Nawngang, Pangsan, Mansak, Konsan, Yaunggwin, Mangkung, Nawngngun, Mong Long, Mogok, Namhsan, and Mongmit, provides support to ground operations around Namhkam and Bahe

US 6th Army attacking around Bamban, San Manuel, Hill 355, and Cataguintingan on Luzon
21st Infantry Regiment of US 8th Army enters Calapan on Mindoro Island. Japanese resistance on the island has been reduced to isolated pockets.

USS Besugo (SS 321), commanded by Commander T.L. Wogan, torpedoed and damaged the Japanese merchant tanker Sarawak Maru (5135 BRT) off the east coast of Malaya.
Im selben Operationsgebiet torpediert Blackfin (Cdr. Kitch) zusammen mit Besugo am 24.1. den Tanker Sarawak M. (5135 BRT) und versenkt den Zerstörer Shigure.

East Indies More than 100 carrier-based aircraft from RN Pacific Fleet with Indomitable, Victorious, Illustrious, and Indefatigable attack Pladjoe and Soengi-Gerong oil facilities on Sumatra. Carrier-based aircraft from RN Pacific Fleet claim more than 50 Japanese aircraft destroyed in the air and on the ground
  Operation “Meridian”: Am 24.1. starten 43 Avenger-Bomber, 12 Firefly-Jagdbomber mit Raketen und 50 Hellcat, Corsair und Seafire Jäger von der TF.63 Trägergruppe (RAdm. Vian) zum erfolgreichen Angriff auf die Ölraffinerie von Pladjoe, nördlich von Palembang. Die Verteidigung wird überrascht. Nur 20 jap. Jäger starten, 14 davon werden abgeschossen, 38 am Boden zerstört. Brit. Verluste: 7 Maschinen durch Feindeinwirkung und 25 durch Bruchlandungen.
F4 Corsair fighter burns on the flight deck of a British carrier.

Chiang Kai-shek resumes negotiations with Mao

USS Ticonderoga arrived at Ulithi, Caroline Islands
USS Chub arrived at Pearl Harbor
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