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1888, one of the worst blizzards in American history strikes the Northeast, killing more than 400 people and dumping as much as 55 inches of snow in some areas. New York City ground to a near halt in the face of massive snow drifts and powerful winds from the storm. At the time, approximately one in every four Americans lived in the area between Washington D.C. and Maine, the area affected by the Great Blizzard of 1888.

On March 10, temperatures in the Northeast hovered in the mid-50s. But on March 11, cold Arctic air from Canada collided with Gulf air from the south and temperatures plunged. Rain turned to snow and winds reached hurricane-strength levels. By midnight on March 11, gusts were recorded at 85 miles per hour in New York City. Along with heavy snow, there was a complete whiteout in the city when the residents awoke the next morning.

But New York was not the only area to suffer. Along the Atlantic coast, hundreds of boats were sunk in the high winds and heavy waves. The snowfall totals north of New York City were historic: Keene, New Hampshire, received 36 inches; New Haven, Connecticut, got 45 inches; and Troy, New York, was hit by 55 inches of snow over 3 days. In addition, thousands of wild and farm animals froze to death in the blizzard.
Just before breakfast on the morning of March 11, Private Albert Gitchell of the U.S. Army reports to the hospital at Fort Riley, Kansas, complaining of the cold-like symptoms of sore throat, fever and headache. By noon, over 100 of his fellow soldiers had reported similar symptoms, marking what are believed to be the first cases in the historic influenza epidemic of 1918.

1941: The US House of Representatives passes the Lend-Lease Act 317-71, the Senate having already passed it 60-31 on March 7; it is immediately signed by President Roosevelt.

March 10/11, 1942 62 crews claimed to have bombed Essen, with 2 bombs hitting on an industrial target (railway lines near the Krupp factory). 1 house was destroyed and 2 damaged in residential areas. 5 Germans were killed and 12 injured and a Polish worker was killed by a Flak shell which descended and exploded on the ground. No. 106 Squadron RAF was one of the bombing units.

March 10/11 1943 2 RAF Mosquitos to Essen.

11 March 1959: At Stratford, Connecticut, the prototype Sikorsky XHSS-2 Sea King, U.S. Navy Bureau of Aeronautics serial number (Bu. No.) 147137, company serial number 61001, makes its first flight. Company test pilot R.S. Decker is at the controls.

1974 г. Постановление ЦК КПСС и СМ СССР о присуждении Ленинской премии 1974 г. в области науки и техники за создание метода и освоение промышленного производства фосфорорганического ОВ второго поколения — советского V-газа — К.А. Гуськову, Е.М. Журавскому, М.И. Кабачнику, Ю.В. Привезенцову, B.М. Романову, В.Ф. Ростунову, А.В. Фокину.

  МОСКВА, 11 мар – ПРАЙМ. …SWIFT включит в совет директоров представителя от России, получить место Москве удалось благодаря росту трафика в РФ через SWIFT, сообщает в среду РБК.
  Один раз в три года SWIFT перераспределяет паи среди участников. Каждая страна получает количество паёв, пропорциональное её трафику. По итогам 2014 г. было перераспределено 10% акций, что привело к изменениям в составе совета директоров.
  „По итогам 2014 года рост трафика SWIFT в России позволил нам выйти на 13-е место в мире, поэтому Россия увеличила свою долю до уровня, который позволяет ей выдвинуть кандидата в совет директоров“, — пояснил РБК исполнительный директор ассоциации “Россвифт” Роман Чернов.
  Своё место России уступил Гонконг.

  Бывший премьер Японии, руководитель общества дружбы «Япония – Россия» Юкио Хатояма прибыл накануне на три дня в Крым вопреки рекомендациям официального Токио не посещать полуостров.
  Оригинал новости RT на русском: http://russian.rt.com/article/78846
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