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Great War

Artois: French re-control Notre Dame de Lorette Ridge and repulse counter-attack. Between La Bassée-Arras French re-established on Notre Dame de Lorette Ridge; German counter-attack repulsed.
Sapper Wilfred Sellars, Royal Engineers, Service #29560.
Settling down to active service again. Less than 2 miles to the trenches. Very noisy at night, planes particularly busy. Anti-aircraft gun in rear of village.

Delmira (UK, 3,459 GRT): The cargo ship was intercepted in the English Channel 23 nm north north east of the Cap d’Antifer, Pas-de-Calais by SM U-37 (KM). An attempt was made to scuttle her but it did not succeed. Delmira subsequently drifted ashore. Later salvaged, repaired and returned to service.

USS F-4 (USN): The F-class submarine sank in the Pacific Ocean 1.5 nm off Honolulu, Hawaii with the loss of all 21 crew. / The U.S. 1st submarine disaster F-4 sinks off Hawaii; 21 are killed.

Medea (Netherlands, 1,235 GRT): The cargo ship was shelled and sunk in the English Channel off Beachy Head, East Sussex  by SM U-28 (KM). Her crew were rescued by HMS Teviot (RN).
25 марта «U-28» потопила голландский пароход «Медея» (1,235 GRT) неподалеку от Бичи-Хед. Судно везло апельсины и другие фрукты из Испании в Лондон, и его груз никак нельзя было посчитать военным. Командир ПЛ Фрайер фон Форстнер чтобы успокоить свою совесть почти два часа волок на буксире спасательные шлюпки, пока совершенно неожиданно не обрубил концы и бросил шлюпки на произвол судьбы в море.
Инцидент с «Медеей» послужил причиной шумного скандала, разгоревшегося между немецким и голландским правительством. Призовой суд в Гамбурге оправдал фон Форстнера и принял решение о выплате компенсации судовладельцу, но была подана апелляция. Германия утверждала, что Лондонская декларация даёт ей права топить призовые суда нейтральных стран, перевозящие контрабанду; продовольствие было лишь условной контрабандой, поэтому судно могло быть только захвачено. Голландия заявила, что уничтожение нейтрального судна — незаконный акт, но запрос голландцев о передаче дела в международный арбитраж был отклонён Берлином.
Dutch S.S. “Medea” captured by German submarine and sunk. (First neutral ship sunk after visit and search) (see 13th).

Tamar (UK): The cargo ship was shelled and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean 500 nm east nort east of Pernambuco, Brazil by SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm
Thursday 25 March
First deliberate neutral sinking, Dutch SS Medea, 1,235grt, sailing Valencia for London with oranges, stopped and searched, then sunk by U.28 in English Channel off Beachy Head. Dutch government made strong protests

North Sea Groningen, passenger & cargo steamship, 988/1902, General Steam Navigation Co, London. Chased by U-boat, escaped. Sunk 23 September 1915 (+ms)

English Channel Two cargo steamships attacked by U.37 (Erich Wilcke):
Delmira, 3,459/1905, Strathclyde Shipping Co (W Lowden) (un – Kyle Transport Co (A Bicket)), Liverpool, 32 crew, Mr William Lancefield, sailing Boulogne for Port Talbot, steaming at 9kts. U.37 appeared astern 2 miles off, made signals to stop but ignored, firing started and as the U-boat closed, Delmira stopped 23 miles NNE of Cape Antifer, N of Le Havre (L - 25 miles N of), damaged by bombs, drifted ashore at St Vaast la Hogue on 26th, later refloated, arrived Cherbourg on 1 April; U.37 towed the three ship’s boats for over an hour towards the English coast, sighted SS Lizzie (following), cut the tows and dived to attack (+L/Mn/ms/un)
Lizzie, 802/1888, Lewis & Co, Liverpool, Mr Jonathan Evans. As the submerged U.37 approached, Lizzie went to full speed and attempted ram but missed, stopped to pick up Delmira’s men from their boats, landed them at Portsmouth (+Mn/ms)
off SW Scotland Tewfikieh, passenger & cargo steamship, 2,490(ms – 2,495grt)/1893, Khedivial Mail Steam Shipping Co, London. Chased by U-boat off Ailsa Craig island, escaped. Sunk 9 June 1918 (+ms)

Central Atlantic TAMAR, 3,207/1902, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co, Middlesbrough-reg, Mr F Hannan, sailing Santos for Havre with coffee, to eastward of normal track. (Mn/kp - 24th) – Overhauled by raider Kronprinz Wilhelm and stopped, sunk by gunfire 500 miles ENE true from Pernambuco, Brazil (L - 02.06S, 28.50W); crew and passengers had to sign a declaration of neutrality (+L/Mn/kp)
UB 5 (строит. № 243 (Werk 243), тип UB-I) F. Krupp Germaniawerft AG, Киль 22 ноября 1914 — 25 марта 1915. Исключена 19 февраля 1919. В 1919 разобрана на металл в Дрёгерре, Любек.

Light Cruiser, Arethusa-class HMS Phaeton At Malta and at sea to Toulon

France. War Ministry denies General von Bernhardi’s charge that France and England had an arrangement for violation of the neutrality of Belgium.
  Poincare R. Четверг, 25 марта 1915 г.
  Мильеран и Оганьер сообщают совету министров, что английское правительство не рассчитывает фактически возобновить операции в Дарданеллах раньше 15 апреля. А пока будут отделываться словами. Эта экспедиция была предпринята наспех, недостаточно изучена в Лондоне, она является плодом фантазии морского министерства, причём не были приняты во внимание ни военные трудности, ни дипломатические последствия.
  Берти от имени Грея вручил Делькассе ноту об итальянских предложениях (Лондон, № 530; из Парижа в Лондон, № 916 и 917). Грей находит, что надо принять их без замедления, и совет министров, информированный Делькассе, решается пойти на них. Но Рибо, Думерг и Мильеран вместе со мной подчёркивают, что некрасиво ограничивать выгоды, оставленные для сербов. Впрочем, у нас ещё нет согласия Сазонова (Петроград, № 460).

American Commission for Relief in Belgium announces that arrangements have been completed for feeding 2,500,000 French in the north of France, behind the German lines; for the past month the commission has fed more than 500,000 French; it is planned that the Easter Argosy will sail on May 1.

Allied military intelligence in Petrograd reports German weapons for Turkey being allowed through Rumania and Bulgaria. British foreign minister Grey vainly protests to envoys.

Daily Telegraph March 25 1915 Edward Elgar is helping the cause for a Polish relief fund and donates a letter by Nelson to a charity auction
How can I play when my compatriots are dying?” Whilst the sufferings of the Belgians had been writ large in the Telegraph’s war coverage, the plight of another people on the other side of Europe had hardly featured, but acclaimed concert pianist Ignacy Paderewski was in London seeking to highlight the plight of the Poles. Interviewed on pages 9 and 10 he gave a bleak picture of life in his homeland – “we are practically surrounded by enemies,” “it has been laid waste” and “the Polish nation is being torn to pieces,” and with the help of various luminaries in this country including Herbert Asquith, Arthur Balfour and Edward Elgar, was looking for the establishment of a relief fund to help his people. The Telegraph was confident of its success – in a leader on page 8 it concluded “we feel sure that the response will be as ample and as generous as the cause is just.
As a footnote, Paderewski would become Poland’s Prime Minister in 1919 and help represent his country at the Paris Peace conference before later being the country’s representative to the League of Nations.
Also in today’s paper
– The article on March 18 about “the devotion and efficiency of the Civil Service in the present great crisis” has “been much appreciated by every Government department” – page 3. You don’t say
– Another appeal comes from the Central Committee for Girls’ Patriotic Clubs in Military Centres seeking “patriotic clubs for girls to which they can invite their men friends without harm to themselves” – page 4
– More charitable work from Edward Elgar on page 4, as he donates a letter from a youthful Horatio Nelson to an auction in aid of the Red Cross and Order of St John – page 4
– The latest plan for King Albert’s Day is a special edition of King Albert’s Book published the previous December – page 8
– Five aeroplanes take off for an air raid on German submarines and eight bombs are dropped. Does this really merit the headline “Great Air Raid”? – page 9
– Influential financial interests in America believe the war has just a few months to run – page 10
– Our Special Correspondent in Pekin reports on Japanese manoeuvrings on Chinese soil, and is unimpressed, calling on the British to take action to hold back its Asian ally – page 11

Kurds and Turks are massacring Christians at Urumiah, Northwestern Persia; situation of American Presbyterian Mission there is described as desperate; Dr. Harry P. Packard, doctor of the American missionary station, risks his life to unfurl American flag and save Persian Christians at Geogtopa; 15,000 Christians are under protection of American Mission and 2,000 under protection of French Mission at Urumiah; it is learned that at Gulpashan, the last of 103 villages to be taken after resistance, the Kurds shot the male citizens in groups of five, while the younger women were taken as slaves; 20,000 Persian Christians are dead or missing, while 12,000 are refugees in the Caucasus; disease is raging among the refugees.

India – Northwest Frontier: Action of Dardoni by General Fane against 10,000 Tochi warriors threatening Miranshah until March 27.
Colonial Secretary Harcourt’s Cabinet memo urges Mesopotamia’s annexation for Indian immigration and US Palestine mandate.

Japan: Government wins elections with 80% majority.
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