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1707 – The Act of Union
1753 – Publication of Species Plantarum by Linnaeus, and the formal start date of plant taxonomy adopted by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.

  Le 1er mai 1756, coup de tonnerre à Versailles. L’Autriche et la France enterrent officiellement une rivalité de 250 ans qui remontait à Charles Quint et François 1er. Les deux principaux États du continent européen signent un traité pour contrecarrer la montée en puissance de la Prusse et les visées de l'Angleterre.
  Cette alliance inédite puise ses origines dans le traité d’Aix-la-Chapelle qui a mis fin huit ans plus tôt à la guerre de la Succession d’Autriche. Elle va déboucher sur une nouvelle guerre, dite guerre de Sept Ans (1756–1763).
  Se déroulant sur le continent européen mais aussi en Amérique, aux Indes et sur les mers, en impliquant toutes les grandes puissances européennes, elle sera a posteriori considérée par les historiens comme la première guerre mondiale !
1759 – Josiah Wedgwood founds the Wedgwood pottery company.
Gottfried Achenwall (* 20. Oktober 1719 in Elbing; † 1. Mai 1772 in Göttingen) war ein deutscher Historiker und Jurist in der Zeit der Aufklärung. Er gilt als Vertreter naturrechtlicher Vorstellungen und als deutscher Begründer der Statistik, welche er zu einer eigenen Wissenschaft erhob.
1776 – Establishment of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt.
La bataille du Boulou
 15-го апреля 1795 г. Императрица Екатерина II торжественно принимала представителей курляндского и пильтенского дворянства. 20 апреля они приносили присягу в собрании Сената.

  1836 — премьера „Ревизор“.
1840 – The Penny Black, the first official adhesive postage stamp, is issued in the UK.
1851 – Queen Victoria opens the Great Exhibition in London.
1852 – The Philippine peso is introduced into circulation.
On 1(?) May 1859 the ground works started along the entire route Динабург–Вильно–Ландварово–Ковно–Кибарты.
1865 – The Empire of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay sign the Treaty of the Triple Alliance.
1866 – The Memphis Race Riots begin. In three days time, 46 blacks and two whites were killed. Reports of the atrocities influenced passage of the Fourteenth Amendment to the US prostitution.
Gabriel Lamé, dit Lamé de la Droitière, né le 22 juillet 1795 à Tours, mort le 1er mai 1870 à Paris
1875 – Alexandra Palace reopens.
1885 – The original Chicago Board of Trade Building opens for business.
At its convention in Chicago in 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions resolved that “eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labour from and after May 1, 1886, and that we recommend to labour organizations throughout this jurisdiction that they so direct their laws as to conform to this resolution by the time named.”
On May 1, 1886, Albert Parsons, head of the Chicago Knights of Labor, with his wife Lucy Parsons and two children, led 80,000 people down Michigan Avenue, Chicago, in what is regarded as the first modern May Day Parade, in support of the eight-hour day.
In 1889, a meeting in Paris was held by the first congress of the Second International, following a proposal by Raymond Lavigne which called for international demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago protests.
  1955 г. Пий XII (“Папа Хитлера”) посвятил 1 мая “Святому Иосифу труженику”. Святой Иосиф стал считаться покровителем трудящихся.
Burma was annexed by the British on 1 January 1886.
 Le 1er mai 1891, à Fourmies, une petite ville du nord de la France, la manifestation rituelle en faveur de la journée de 8 heures tourne au drame.
  La troupe, équipée des nouveaux fusils Lebel, tire à bout portant sur la foule pacifique des ouvriers. Elle fait dix morts dont 8 de moins de 21 ans. L’une des victimes, l’ouvrière Marie Blondeau, habillée de blanc et les bras couverts de fleurs, devient le symbole de cette journée.
  Avec la fusillade de Fourmies, le 1er mai s'enracine dans la tradition de lutte des ouvriers européens.
1893 – The World’s Columbian Exposition opens in Chicago.
1898 – Battle of Manila Bay. See also…
1900 – The Scofield Mine disaster kills over 200 men in Scofield, Utah in what is to date the fifth-worst mining accident in US.

1901 – The Pan-American Exposition opens in Buffalo, New York.
1915 in The Hague, Netherlands, the International Congress of Women adopts its resolutions on peace and women’s suffrage.
1915 – The RMS Lusitania departs from New York City on her two hundred and second, and final, crossing of the N. Atlantic.
1916 Reports received of a conspicuous number of women fighting with the rebels in Dublin. Some have been shot and some CAP.
Скрижали показухи: 1921 1 мая — Открыта почтово-пассажирская авиалиния Москва–Орёл–Харьков (обслуживалась самолётами «Илья Муромец»). Самолеты и двигатели были сильно изношены, из-за чего уже 10 октября 1922 г. линию закрыли. За это время было перевезено 60 пассажиров и около 2 т грузов.
  1922 авиалиния Москва–Кёнигсберг Deutsche Russian Luftverkehr.
  Скрижали показухи: первый «Фордзон-Путиловец» выпущен 1 мая 1924 г., но это был лишь экземпляр, собранный в условиях автомастерской.
1925 – The All-China Federation of Trade Unions is officially founded. Today it is the largest trade union in the world, with 134 million members. On May 1, 1925, the second national labor congress held in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, proclaimed the founding of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.
1926, Ford Motor Company becomes one of the first companies in America to adopt a five-day, 40-hour week for workers in its automotive factories.
On May 1, 1926 newly formed German airline Deutsche Luft Hansa started flying passengers on the route Berlin–Königsberg at night using Junkers G24 aircraft.
1927 –
The Union Labor Life Insurance Company is founded by the American Federation of Labor.
The first cooked meals on a scheduled flight are introduced on an Imperial Airways flight from London to Paris.
On 1st May 1927, an Argosy inaugurated the world’s first ‘named’ air service – it was the London-Paris ‘Silver Wing’ service on which meals were served. (Other European routes on which Argosies operated were those to Basle, Brussels and Cologne.)
 1928 начало строительства электростанции „Красный маяк“ в Оренбурге.
1931 – The Empire State Building is dedicated in New York City.
  Скрижали показухи: Ленинград признан первым в стране городом сплошной грамотности. В ходе компании ликбеза обучены 34 273 неграмотных и 112 724 малограмотных.
 1932 завод планеров В.К. Грибовского в Тушине.
1933 – The Roca–Runciman Treaty between Argentina and UK is signed.
  В мае 1935 на летающей лодке «Дорнье-Валь» В.С. Молоков совершил выдающийся перелёт по Красноярск–Киренск–Якутск–Нагаево–Нижнеколымск–Уэлен и обратно вдоль арктического побережья до Архангельска.
Скрижали показухи: 1937 Теплоход в сопровождении флотилии небольших судов и катеров вышел в первый рейс по каналу. Флотилия в тот же день прибыла в г. Дмитров. Сегодня в 10 часов утра флотилия канала Москва–Волга вышла из аванпорта в Химки.
  1937 В Краматорске открыта первая трамвайная ветка от парка культуры и отдыха им. Ленина до главной конторы НКМЗ.
 1938 открыто движение по висячему Крымскому мосту (инженер Б.П. Константинов и архитектор А.В. Власов).
1941 – German forces launch a major attack on Tobruk.
1944 – Two hundred Communist prisoners are shot by the Germans at Kaisariani in Athens.
1945 – войска Тито заняли Триест.
1946 – Start of three-year Pilbara strike of Indigenous Australians.
The Paris Peace Conference concludes that the islands of the Dodecanese should be  given to Greece by Italy.
Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sholto Douglas replaces Montgomery as Military Governor of British Zone.
1947 – Portella della Ginestra massacre against May Day celebrations in Sicily.
1956 – A doctor in Japan reports an “epidemic of an unknown disease of the central nervous system”, marking the official discovery of Minamata disease.
 Станция «Ботанический Сад» открыта 1 мая 1958 года в составе участка «Ботанический Сад»–«ВДНХ».  Находящиеся в самом начале просп. Мира обе пересадочные станции «Ботанический Сад» 26 октября 1966 г. получили новое название.
1958, President Eisenhower proclaims Law Day to honor the role of law in the creation of the United States of America.
1 May 1960: Near Degtyansk, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, a Central Intelligence Agency/Lockheed U-2A, 56-6693, “Article 360,” flying at approximately 80,000 feet (24,384 meters) on a Top Secret reconnaissance mission, was hit by shrapnel from an exploding Soviet S-75 Dvina / SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missile.
1960 – U-2 incident: Francis Gary Powers, in a Lockheed U-2 spyplane, is shot down over the SU, sparking a diplomatic crisis.
 Грязныя подробностЯ
1960 – Formation of the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
1961 – Fidel Castro proclaims Cuba a socialist nation.
1965 – Battle of Dong-Yin
1970 – Protests erupt in Seattle, following the announcement by U.S. President Richard Nixon that U.S. Forces in Vietnam would pursue enemy troops into Cambodia, a neutral country.
1971 – Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) takes over operation of U.S. passenger rail service.
  1972 СП-21
1974 – The Argentine terrorist organization Montoneros is expelled from Plaza de Mayo by president Juan Perón.
1977 – Thirty-six people are killed in Taksim Square, Istanbul, during the Labour Day celebrations.
Efter en folkeafstemning den 1. maj 1979 fik Grønland hjemmestyre ligesom Færøerne i 1948.

1982 – Operation Black Buck
1989 – Disney-MGM Studios opens at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.
1995 – Croatian nazis launch Operation Bljesak (Flash)
1997 After 18 years of Conservative rule, British voters give the Labour Party, led by Tony Blair, a landslide victory in British parliamentary elections.

2001 – Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declares the existence of “a state of rebellion”, hours after thousands of supporters of her arrested predecessor, Joseph Estrada, storm towards the presidential palace at the height of the EDSA III rebellion.
A record-breaking wave of tornadoes begins across the southern and midwestern US on this day in 2003.
2004 – Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia join the F*ed EU.
2007 – The Los Angeles May Day mêlée occurs.
2008 – The London Agreement on translation of European patents, concluded in 2000, enters into force in 14 of the 34 Contracting States to the European Patent Convention.
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