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  Le 19 mai 1536, Ann Boleyn est décapitée sur ordre de son mari, le roi d’Angleterre Henri VIII Tudor.

1588 A massive Spanish fleet, known as the “Invincible Armada,” sets sail from Lisbon
 Le 19 mai 1635, le roi Louis XIII et son ministre Richelieu déclarent la guerre à l’Espagne. La France entre ainsi dans la guerre de Trente Ans. Elle y gagnera l’Alsace.
 Le 19 mai 1643, le duc d’Enghien (23 ans) anéantit à Rocroi, dans les Ardennes, les redoutables « tercios » de l’infanterie espagnole.

  8 мая 1712 Пётр Алексеев перенёс столицу в С.-Питербурх.

1715 The colony of New York passes a law making it illegal to “gather, rake, take up, or bring to the market, any oysters whatsoever” between the months of May and September.

1749 King George II of England grants the Ohio Company a charter of several hundred thousand acres of land around the forks of the Ohio River, thereby promoting westward settlement by American colonists from Virginia.

  Le 19 mai 1802, le Premier Consul Napoléon Bonaparte publie un décret qui porte création de l’Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur.

  Le 19 mai 1804, au lendemain d’un sénatus-consulte qui a établi l’Empire et promulgué la Constitution de l’An XII, Napoléon 1er, empereur d’un jour, porte à la nouvelle dignité de maréchal dix-huit de ses fidèles. Cette première promotion est donc composée de quatorze généraux : Berthier, Murat, Moncey, Jourdan, Masséna, Augereau, Bernadotte, Soult, Brune, Lannes, Mortier, Ney, Davout, Bessières. À ces généraux, s’ajoutent, en raison de leurs services rendus, quatre maréchaux honoraires dits « sénateurs ayant le titre de maréchaux del’Empire » : Kellermann, Lefebvre, Pérignon, Sérurier.

1864 President Abraham Lincoln writes to anti-slavery Congressional leader Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts on this day in 1864, proposing that widows and children of soldiers should be given equal treatment regardless of race.

William Gladstone 29 décembre 1809 à Liverpool (Angleterre) – 19 mai 1898 à Hawarden (Flinshire, Angleterre)

19 mai 1906, inauguration le tunnel du Simplon en présence de Victor-Emmanuel III d’Italie.

On May 19, 1916, representatives of Great Britain and France secretly reach an accord, known as the Sykes-Picot agreement, by which most of the Arab lands under the rule of the Ottoman Empire are to be divided into British and French spheres of influence with the conclusion of Great War.

  Решение Всероссийской конференции комсомола 19 мая 1922 г. о учреждении пионерской организации.
19 May 1934: The first flight of the Tupolev ANT-20 Maxim Gorky. (Убит 18 мая 1935 г. 45 people were killed.).
Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence d’Arabie) 16 août 1888 à Tremadoc (Pays de Galles) (Royaume-Uni) – 19 mai 1935 à Moreton (Royaume-Uni). The legendary war hero, author, and archaeological scholar succumbed to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident six days before.

On this day in 1943, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt set a date for the cross-Channel landing that would become D-Day—May 1, 1944.
On May 19, 1952, Hellman authored a letter to HUAC… In it she explained her willingness to testify only about herself and that she did not want to claim her rights under the Fifth Amendment – “I am ready and willing to testify before the representatives of our Government as to my own actions, regardless of any risks or consequences to myself.” She wrote that she found the legal requirement that she testify about others if she wanted to speak about her own actions “difficult for a layman to understand.”
19 May 1959: The first Boeing 707-436 Intercontinental, FAA registration N31241, made a 1 hour, 11 minute first flight from Renton to Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington.  The -436 was a stretched version of the original 707-120, but with Rolls-Royce Conway 508 bypass turbojet engines (now called turbofans)  in place of the standard Pratt & Whitney JT3C-6 turbojet engines. The fuselage and wings were lengthened allowing an increased load and greater fuel capacity. It could carry 189 passengers and had a range 1,600 miles further than the -120. Transoceanic flights without an intermediate fuel stop were possible.  This airplane was the first of 15 which had been ordered by British Overseas Airways Corporation in 1956. It was re-registered G-APFB and delivered to BOAC  9 May 1960.
1964 Operation Yankee Team

1967 the Soviet Union ratifies an agreement banning nuclear weapons from outer space.

1972 Units of South Vietnam’s 9th and 21st Divisions, along with several South Vietnamese airborne battalions, open new stretches of road south of An Loc and come within two miles of the besieged city.

The Apple III was first announced and released on May 19, 1980, but due to serious stability issues that required a design overhaul and a recall of existing machines, it was formally reintroduced in the second half of 1981.

Los Angeles, California, is the first stop on a cross-country road show launched on this day in 2007 by Smart USA to promote the attractions of its “ForTwo” microcar, which it had scheduled for release in the United States in 2008.
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