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Воруют все!

Из срача: Erikwim During MAY 20, 2015
“Figure 3 says it all: there was no austerity in the UK or in the US. So it baffles me how anybody can claim ‘austerity worked’ in the UK. The only place the graph shows austerity is Germany. Next comes Canada and then Italy! Figure 3 shows the UK and the US pretty much on par with Japan doing anti-austerity and running very large government deficits.

Whoever is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ becomes an irrelevant question if the plain facts are first presented and then interpreted in an Alice in Wonderland way to mean the exact opposite of what they are showing.”

  2) С последующим разоблачизьмом

  3) В том числе от самого предмета нападения.

  4) “…

In March, 126,000 jobs were created, far below Wall Street forecasts. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.5%, and perhaps the most negative part of the report were revisions to prior reports, which saw jobs gains in both January and February decreased after the fact.

This report served the latest disappointment in a winter that had been full of them, and was in the minds of many a sign that the economic story would not change in 2015: Things still aren't that great.”

“The May 13 report on retail sales showed that Americans were simply not spending money the way economists had been expecting, especially after the crash in oil prices we saw in the second half of 2014.”
How the American economic story changed in just a few weeks

Myles Udland, May 24, 2015, 7:00 AM
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