July 27th, 2015

Holiday forever

В этот день мы воевали. как могли 19 июля

Fighter Command Serviceable Aircraft as at 0900 hours, 19 July 1940
Spitfire 227
Hurricane 331
Blenheim 62
Defiant 22
Total 642
Casualties: Enemy: Fighters – 3 confirmed, 8 unconfirmed; Bombers – 3 confirmed, 1 unconfirmed; Seaplanes –1 confirmed, 2 unconfirmed. Own: 6 Defiants confirmed (all No. 141 Squadron), 3 Hurricanes confirmed (Nos. 1, 32 and 43 Squadron) plus one unconfirmed (No. 43 Squadron; crashed on landing).
AA claims one bomber confirmed in above totals.
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the agricultural chemist George Washington Carver, head of Alabama’s famed Tuskegee Institute, arrives in Dearborn, Michigan at the invitation of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, and set up a laboratory in an old water works building in Dearborn.

Like Carver, Ford was deeply interested in the regenerative properties of soil and the potential of alternative crops such as peanuts and soybeans to produce plastics, paint, fuel and other products. Ford had long believed that the world would eventually need a substitute for gasoline, and supported the production of ethanol (or grain alcohol) as an alternative fuel. In 1942, he would showcase a car with a lightweight plastic body made from soybeans.
Carver and Ford experimented with different crops, including sweet potatoes and dandelions, eventually devising a way to make the rubber substitute from goldenrod, a plant weed. Carver died in January 1943.
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Holiday forever

В этот день мы воевали, как могли 19 июля

Вишневский Вс.: По радио. Постановление Совнаркома СССР и ЦК ВКП(б) об уборке урожая и заготовке продуктов. Провести по-военному.
  В Краснодаре публично (в присутствии тридцатитысячной толпы) повешены предатели, работавшие в гестапо. Выразительно и международно поучительно.
  Думаю, думаю… Нужно писать статьи к Дню флота, а мысли — о пьесе, да ещё и о новой пьесе, которая как-то стихийно, смутно шевелится внутри… Вкапываться в людские недра!..
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Beginning on July 19, 1945, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) managed the captured ARC rocketeers under Operation Overcast.