May 24th, 2016

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.  1) Samsung tops global smartphone market, Apple second… Отныне и до веку. Ссык транзит глория муд*ок.
“Global sales of smartphones to end users totaled 349 million units in the first quarter of 2016, a 3.9% increase over the same period in 2015, according to Gartner. Samsung extended its lead over Apple with 23% market share, while Apple had its first double-digit on-year decline with iPhone sales down 14%.”

  2) РФ увеличила экспорт нефти в КНР в апреле 2016 г. на 52% y/y до 4,81 млн. т, Bloomberg со ссылкой на таможню КНР.
Импорт КНР нефти от Саудов составил 4,12 млн. т, из Анголы — 3,98 млн. т, Ирана — 2,76 млн. т.
Beijing has ramped up imports of Russian oil by 52.4 percent last month compared to a year earlier. China's General Administration of Customs calculated a record 4.81 million tons.
April imports from Saudi Arabia fell by 22 percent year-on-year to 4.12 million tons. In March, China imported 3.98 million tons of oil from the country.
China increased oil imports from Angola last month by 39 percent to 3.98 million tons. Imports from Iran in April fell by 5.1 percent yoy to 2.76 million tons.

  3) Ежели жидоктрина “трудовой” ценности была бы права, то любую из существующих и существовавших денежных и оброчно-платёжно-расчётных “систем” следовало бы признать мошенничеством в особо крупных. Такшта: или деньги / тугрики, или мелкобрыканские либероиды с верной дворняжкой Шарли Мраксом.

  Ах, да, чому енто я…

  В частностё...

“How can you believe guff like the labour theory of value?”

Simple – because as an empirical theory (pdf), it actually (pdf) works well (pdf). Paradoxically, the theory might be true but irrelevant. John Roemer has shown that it is not necessary for the claim that workers are exploited under capitalism. Instead, he says (pdf), we can say that workers are exploited if they would be better off if they could withdraw from capitalism, taking with them their per capita share of the capital stock. On this conception, the question is: does capitalist rule increase wages (by more efficient organization) or depress them (by exploitation).
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