July 3rd, 2016

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  2) A new documentary shows that California primary was deeply corrupt, with numerous, um, shortcomings that suppressed Sanders votes.

  3) “There are nearly 8 million low-income homeowners that struggle to pay for housing from month to month. On average, low-income households get about 8 cents per month from these two homeownership tax programs. Eight cents. There are also about 4 million middle-income households paying more than 30 percent of their income on housing. The average monthly benefit from these tax programs for middle-income earners? Twelve bucks. Dont spend it all in one place.

In contrast, the top 0.1 percent of earners—folks with an average annual income of more than $9 million—get an average of $1,236 per month (nearly $15,000 per year) from just these two homeownership tax programs. That federal benefit is much more than the typical cost of rent in most American cities, and it’s going to wealthy households who really don’t need help keeping a roof over their heads.”
By David Meni and Ezra Levin, July 1, 2016
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“Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel suggested that Germany could offer citizenship to young Britons, saying they shouldn’t be punished by the majority that voted to leave the European Union in the U.K. referendum. // Вице-канцлер Зигмар Габриэль высказал идею о предоставлении гражданства Германии молодым британцам. Это предложение он озвучил во время выступления на конференции Социал-демократической партии, сообщает Bloomberg.

“They wanted to stay in Europe because they know the world is changing” and the U.K. can’t go it alone, Gabriel said in a speech to a Social Democratic Party conference in Berlin on Saturday. “So it’s a good sign that young people in Britain are smarter than their strange political elite.”” // «Они хотят остаться в Европе, потому что понимают, что мир меняется. То, что молодые люди в Великобритании оказались сообразительнее, чем её странная политическая элита, — хороший знак».

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  2) Таки странно, шо Afro-americanExit не скоро

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