January 11th, 2018


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.  1) за год бензин подорожал на 7,3%, что почти втрое выше официально объявленной инфля

  2) ЕдимоГоЙси ГеЙшилё оГанизмиГоЙвать 14 января пункты сбоГа пидпИсей в отделениях паГтии и пГеЙёмных пГеЙдседателя. «Пикеты особого ажиотажа не вызвали»,— сказали “Ъ” в одном из отделений, пообещав, что едиМоГссы дадут теперь «львиную долю пидпИсей».

3) America’s Rivers Are Getting Saltier // … which can cause big problems for aging pipes that carry drinking water.

4) After-tax corporate profits versus corporate tax revenue, as a share of GDP, 1952–2015

After-tax corporate profits versus corporate tax revenue

5) “A total of 80% of the Greek debt remains in the hands of the country’s lenders,” Handelsblatt concludes. “This means that until Greece pays up its debt, which, with today’s rates it will manage to do by 2059, the country will be under its lenders’ financial occupation supervision.”
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Big Ag: “The new U.S. tax law may sow big changes in the country’s agriculture supply chains. A provision inserted into the tax code just before the final measure passed in December gives a critical boost to farm cooperatives over independent dealers…, an action that may reshape parts of the agriculture economy while sharply reducing taxes for many farmers” [Wall Street Journal].

“The new provision allows farmers to deduct up to 20% of their total sales to cooperatives, letting some farmers reduce their taxable income to zero and effectively handing them a bigger tax bill if they sell to separate companies and distributors. Tax experts say that will give cooperatives a significant edge, benefiting co-op giants including American Crystal Sugar Co., Land O’Lakes Inc. and CHS Inc., while stinging agribusinesses like Cargill Inc. and Archer Daniels Midland Co., and smaller private operations.”
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1) the most attention by users in the U.S. Twitterverse [Sic!].

2) Only 32% of Americans have “a great deal” or “quite a lot of” confidence in banks, according to a recent Gallup poll.

МелкоблГеЙканьци насрали на рога чухоньцям.

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1) “Things are starting to add up better with this jump in consumer borrowing. With real disposable personal income growth near 0, and spending growing at just over 2.5% through November, it’s now looking like consumers ‘dipped into savings’ by running up their credit card balances which tends to be followed by reductions in spending” [Mosler Economics].

2) “Struggling retailer Sears Holdings Corp. said this morning that same-store sales in the first two months (November and December) of its fiscal fourth quarter were down 16% to 17%. The decline no doubt contributed to the company’s decision to seek new and renegotiated financing” [24/7 Wall Street].

3) From
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A US Economic Boom in 2018?


…the first marker: the unemployment rate (note that the U6 underemployment rate wasn’t reported in its current configuration until 1994, and so is not helpful)

…industrial production (blue, left scale below) has made new peaks during each expansion, while capacity utilization (red, right scale) has been relentlessly declining

markers look like when put together in one graph