July 1st, 2021

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Живые мерт… тьфу, ценники жа! Календарь пана Вотруба

1851 – Naval Academy adopts four year course of study.


July 1st 1861 Monday

Virginia. USS Minnesota, Flag Officer Stringham. captured the schooner Sally Mears at Hampton Roads.

South Carolina. The Confederate privateer Petrel evaded blockaders and put to sea from Charleston.


The Richmond Armoury and Arsenal started manufacturing war supplies for the Confederate army.

Incident at Shuter’s Hill.

1st, Buckhannon, Virginia

1st, Martinsburg, West Virginia


A small force of Union Home Guards skirmished with pro-Confederate Missouri State Guards at Farmington.

Union Col. Franz Sigel’s command reached Neosho in southwestern Missouri, aiming to head off the retreat of the Missouri State Guard.


1911, 1 July

The first USN aeroplane, a Curtiss A1 Triad hydro-aeroplane, is flown.

1911 – Trial of first Navy aircraft, Curtiss A-1. The designer, Glenn Curtiss, makes first flight in Navy’s first aircraft, A-1, at Lake Keuka, NY, then prepares LT Theodore G. Ellyson, the first naval aviator, for his two solo flights in A-1.

.   Histoire de l’aviation – 1er juillet 1911

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