July 5th, 2021

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На улице Инфля. Календарь пана Вотруба

.   Le 5 juillet 1811, le Venezuela est la première colonie espagnole d’Amérique à devenir indépendante.

On 5 July 1841, Thomas Cook arranged for the railway company to charge one shilling (5p) per person that included railway tickets and food for this train journey.

5 July 1861 / July 5th 1861 Friday

Maryland. USS Dana, Acting Master’s Mate Robert B. Ely, captured the sloop Teaser in Nanjemoy Creek.

Texas. USS South Carolina (Cdr. James Alden) began a four-day blockading cruise off Galveston, which resulted in the capture or destruction of eleven vessels. On this day, the schooners Falcon and Coralia were taken off Galveston.

. 5th, Newport News, Virginia

On July 5, there was a small skirmish between the Confederate force, commanded by Brig. Gen. John Magruder, and the Union force, commanded by Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler (9th New York “Hawkins’ Zouaves”). The fight was near Newport news, located near the Curtis’ Farm. The fight did not have a conclusive victor. After the fight, both sides withdrew to their previous lines.

Missouri. Incidents at Brier Fork and Carthage.

. 5th, Neosho, Missouri

On July 5, a Confederate force, commanded by Brig. Gen. Benjamin McCulloch, surprised a group of Union troops, commanded by Brig. Gen. Franz Sigel, at the small town of Neosho. The Federals were quickly captured and soon paroled.

. 5th, Carthage, Missouri

July 5, 1861. Battle of Carthage, Missouri. Confederate victory.

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