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.  1) От ентаво PhжиDомордяя

Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian prime minister, is Prsiondent of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (ALDE) in the F*dEu Пиз*больство.
ткнули рыльцем в евонное жа жиденькая дерьмецо

Petey Bee

So if you spend 4% of GDP on buying weapons vs 2%, that'll fix all the EU's problems, right?

We seem to be having some amnesia here. The EU’s problems are (1) unemployment (2) hysteria about the migrants, combined with actually some genuine terrorism, which in turn is a result of (2b) the sh*tshow in Syria and Libya, and (3) Eurozone solvency issues arising from the financial crisis. (4) lack of trust in the EU institutions and rise of right-wing governments, which are entirely the result of 1,2,3 above. (5) potential Brexit etc, again result of 1,2,3.

Things NOT on the list:
(x) paying too much for energy. It’s been super cheap.
(x) paying too much for any manufactured or technological good. they're super cheap too.
(x) lack of any material resource of any kind.
(x) even the faintest danger of any NATO country being invaded by a non-NATO state, or having one’s government forcibly overthrown, by a non-NATO state.
(x) lack of trade access with any other nation.

More defense spending isn’t going to solve any of these. The only one even closely related is the Syrian refugee crisis and the terrorism, and that is, and I apologize for repeating this, the result of chaos entirely created by the Bush and Obama governments.

I mean, it *could* be a conspiracy by the Russians. Maybe they secretly hypnotized whichever other world leaders funded the various fighters in Syria and Libya, I don’t know. Anything is possible…

So while “Insistence on Russian compliance in Ukraine” would no doubt be nice in terms of cementing the power of whoever finds that to be a priority, it actually has nothing to do with the troubles the EU is experiencing, and once again, is an issue that would not even have come up had US policy not insisted on one of those “benevolent intervention regime change” jobs in the beginning of 2014. But hey, anything is possible.

Peter Schneider
From a German perspective, Merkel is much more dangerous than Putin.

Steve Hurst
Guy spotted slobbering over America.


   При усём при том PhжиDмордяи блеють:

“American history suggests that inequality is not driven by some fundamental law of capitalist development, but rather by episodic shifts in five basic forces – demography, education policy, trade competition, financial regulation policy, and labour-saving technological change. While some of these forces are clearly exogenous, others – particularly policies regarding education, financial regulation, and inheritance taxation – offer ways to check the rise of inequality while also promoting growth.”

Peter H. Lindert, Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of California Davis

Jeffrey G. Williamson, Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Harvard University and CEPR Research Fellow


  3) …БананКо отклонило запрос конгрессменов об увеличении финансирования израильской ПРО на $455 млн., некошерно сообщает The Jerusalem Post.

   А таки чаво ви хочете? Тута жидобандеривьцив спасать надоть, и прое*алтов тож, а они со своимя палестинами… Ходють тута всякие. Гуляйтя до ПутЁна
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