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#проститурция #Brexit / Whoexit

.  1) Ежели негры пропихнут Цилю Клитырчиху, то так им и надо.

2) Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties NYT. Yves: “That NYT piece is another journalistic failure. Either the reporters don’t understand what non-recourse debt is (although they do actually explain the concept in the piece so they can claim to be accurate) or they are choosing to mislead readers. None of this is “Trump’s debt”. And his net worth is NET of the debt in his entities. It’s the value of his cash, his personal property (art, cars, personal real estate), any funds run by third party managers, plus (drumroll) the value of his share in various ventures, and that is his share of the equity. Lordie.”

Tags: coca-cola, competition crusade, corruption, crime, crony capitalism, demography, holy war, political economy, realpolitik, statistics, zoonews, ВШЭ заела, Полный Кругман, их нравы, пиндоз головного мозга, прихватизаторы, против человечества, рыло в пуху, экономика и политика, это Путин виноват

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