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1) “…Mersch joined the Weidmann bandwagon, and cautioned against “academic proposals [that] seem to prefer sophisticated models to social psychology.”

Or in other words, for the first time, a central banker has suggested that broken (which is a far more accurate definition that sophisticated) financial models should be ignored when dealing with reality.

“We cannot fulfill our mandate with mathematical equations, but only with instruments that maintain trust in the currency,” Mersch said at an annual economic forum on the shores of Lake Como, Italy.

Expanding his tongue in cheek criticism of Mario Draghi's relentless crusade to hurt the euro and reflate asset prices at all costs, Mersch then said that “extreme measures or legal violations of our mandate aren't among those instruments.”

2) The Chinese Are Buying Gold, Selling Treasuries – Should You?
09 04 China USA treasury 01
09 04 China USA treasury 02

3) Исключительна сельскобезхозяйственная деГжаба Soybeans increased $3.6 billion.
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