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   Ви-лех-чай-че-шую ис еле-чайник-ших дастижжениё чилавечинскай мышлю
“A key part of understanding society is making sense of the “economy” in which we live. But what is an economy? Existing economic theories attempt to answer this question with simple unified theories. The economy is a profit-driven market system of firms, workers, and consumers. The economy is a property system dependent upon the expropriation of surplus labor. The economy is a system of expropriation more or less designed to create great inequalities of income, wealth, and well-being. The economy is a system of exploitation and domination.”

   Таки аказываццо, шо

“The economy is an assemblage, not a designed system, and reforming this agglomeration requires shifting the “ecosystem” of practices in a direction more favorable to human flourishing.”

   Хенитальна! И хто па мох падумыть!

“In Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy Dave Elder-Vass argues that these simple theories, largely the product of the nineteenth century, are flawed in several fundamental ways. First, they are all simple and unitary in a heterogeneous world. Economic transactions take a very wide variety of forms in the modern world. But more fundamentally, these existing theories fail completely to provide a theoretical vocabulary for describing what are now enormously important parts of our economic lives. One well-know blindspot is the domestic economy – work and consumption within the household. But even more striking is the inadequacy of existing economic theories to make sense of the new digital world – Google, Apple, Wikipedia, blogging, or YouTube. Elder-Vass’s current book offers a new way of thinking [Ужели ж*пу отменили?] about our economic lives and institutions. And he believes that this new way lays a basis for more productive thinking about a more humane future for all of us than is offered by either neoliberalism or Marxism.”

““Marxism itself has become an obstacle to thinking creatively about the economy, not least because it is complicit in the discourse of the monolithic capitalist market economy that we must now move beyond. … Marx’s labour theory of value … tends to support the obsessive identification of capitalism with wage labour. As a consequence Marxists have failed to recognise that capitalism has developed new forms of making profit that do not fit with the classic Marxist model, including many that have emerged and prospered in the new digital economy. (45)”

This is not a wholesale rejection of Marx’s thought; but it is a well-justified critique of the lingering dogmatism of this tradition. [Няужеля? А мужуки-та и ня знають!] Though E-V does not make reference to current British politics in the book, these comments seem very appropriate in appraisal of the approach to change championed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

E-V shows a remarkable range of expertise in this work. His command of recent Marxian thinking about contemporary capitalism is deep. But he has also gone deeply into the actual practices of the digital economy – the ways Google makes profits, the incentives and regulations that sustain wikipedia, the handful of distinctive business practices that have made Apple one of the world’s largest [От слова лажа.] companies. The book is a work of theory and a work of empirical investigation as well.”

   Пиф-паф-гоГейцы таки пиф-паф-гоГейцы
   И таки да, частота напоминаний мраксизьмы заставляить падазривать

   Срач — редкий случай — много срачливей самого жиденького высерка.
Tags: banksters, cargo cult, coca-cola, competition crusade, crony capitalism, economics, marxism, soros, useful idiots, wb, Барат в помощь, ВШЭ заела, Снимайте Божену кто ещё не, бобик сдох, британские учёные, вундервафля, и время провести и капитал приобрести, их нравы, марксизм, матрац, меритокрадия, пиндоз головного мозга, потреблятство, прихватизаторы, против человечества, светские сплетни, экономика и политика, это Сталин виноват

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