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Graph: the question of why self-serving plutocrats support liberal and progressive political candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has been answered: because Democrats are better at making the rich richer. Through the neoliberal / Washington Consensus boilerplate of deregulation, privatization and financialization Democrats have lent their socially progressive patina to redistributing economic welfare to the already rich. While actually existing’ capitalism bears little relation to its theoretical incarnation, outcomes tie closely to the history of state-capitalism as imperial endeavor. Units are Mean to Median Real Personal Income. Source: St. Louis Federal Reserve.
Tags: banksters, capital flow, coca-cola, competition crusade, corruption, crime, crony capitalism, demography, marxism, natural economy, political economy, statistics, wb, марксизм, нас отреформировали, наука такая наука, образованщина, прихватизаторы, против человечества, статистика знает, так нам и надо, экономика и политика

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