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1) US primacy

   Больша двух в одни лапы не давать!

   Срач доставляет неиллюзорно.

2) “This was what the industrial revolution in Britain was about, particularly after the Corn Laws were repealed, and also the basis for the opportunities offered in America for refugees from European feudalism and mercantilism. And as the benefits of this freedom became enjoyed by those that were freed, so the abolition of slavery followed. A minimalist enlightened government based on democracy guaranteed property ownership and ensured that individuals’ rights were enforceable. These were the simple conditions of free markets, the conditions where the lowest consumer is the master of the mightiest producer, who endeavours to serve him. These are the conditions that led to a dramatic improvement in living standards for everyone in only a few decades, an improvement that had proved impossible in all the history of feudalism, mercantilism, and communism. It was the unique achievement of Anglo-Saxon laissez-faire.

There is something in the human psyche which denies economic truths. The explanation as to why free markets work is logical and simple to understand. The contrary evidence, that statist attempts to interfere with Adam Smith’s invisible hand always fail, is irrefutable. Yet the blame for failure is always laid at the door of capitalism. The few of us that persistently insist that right is not wrong and wrong is not right attempt a seemingly hopeless task of persuading the unwilling.

   Дальша тГындят ик-оно-мист-ик-чску еруху нащёт частных денюх… Таки поставим у кажной адной, а-а-а-тдельно взятой квартиря по самогонному кубу печатномонетному дворику

“The how and why is to be found in the intertemporal price effect of an increase in the quantity of money, first described by Richard Cantillon in his Essay on the Nature of Trade in General, written in about 1730, but only rediscovered by William Stanley Jevons in 1881. Consequently, early formulations of the quantity theory of money, such as the writings of David Ricardo, restricted observations to long-run effects and missed this aspect entirely.

What has now been christened the Cantillon effect is easy to understand. In summary, the creators of new money, or bank credit for that matter, get to deploy this money before any prices rise. The businesses and individuals that first get their hands on this new money get a similar benefit, but at this point, prices for the goods and services they have bought with it begin to rise, reflecting the additional demand created by the new money. We shall term these beneficiaries the first receivers.”
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