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1) Amazon нанял Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE), которая построит в Техасе ферму off-shore на 100 [Sic!] ветряков (253 MW) для какпе обеспечения ЦОД. …будет вырабатывать 1 млн МВт∙ч / год. Или 395.26 на 1 MW установленной мощности.

 2) « 1) Has economics become an experimental science like medicine and biology?

The heart of the book is the claim that economic science produces knowledge to treat social ills that is on the same scientific level as medicine. I do not believe this is true. Consider this quote from the winner of the 2015
igNobel Prize in Ec-ono-myst-ic-s, Angus Deaton:

I argue that experiments have no special ability to produce more credible knowledge than other methods, and that actual experiments are frequently subject to practical problems that undermine any claims to statistical or epistemic superiority.” (Deaton 2010)

The charge is serious; the point is not to deny the contributions of economic experiments but to understand their limitations and to recognize that there are many other approaches in economics (natural or controlled experiments constitute only a small percentage of the empirical work in economics).

What are the limits of experiments? Natural experiments serve only to measure average first-order effects without measuring secondary effects (so-called general equilibrium effects) that can significantly change the results. A well-known example: the work of the Nobel laureate Heckman (1998) in the economics of education, which showed that, at least in some cases, these general equilibrium effects significantly affect the results of experiments.

Moreover, experiments are not able to take into account the heterogeneity of the effects on populations, to accurately measure the confidence intervals, etc. I’ll leave these technical discussions to the article by
Deaton. It should also be noted that the power to generalize from natural experiments is often weak, as these experiments are by their nature not reproducible. »

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