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1) 16 сен /ПРАЙМ/. Японский кусок iTunes (Apple) оштрафован на ~ ¥12 млрд. ($117 млн.) за неуплату налогов, пишет Nikkei…

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3) “For every dollar in corrections spending, there’s another 10 dollars of other types of costs to families, children and communities that nobody sees because it doesn’t end up on a state budget.” Researchers concluded the annual economic burden” resulting from the high rate of incarceration in Amercia is an estimated $1.2 trillion, or nearly 6 percent of the GDP.

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Ну, за Obamacare, шоп, значицца, поскорее пиндюшат придушили.

“As a result of a rising CPI real hourly earnings are down 0.1% for the month.
Coupled with shrinking work hours, real weekly earnings declined 0.4% for the month.

7) Why US is no match for China’s carrot and stick in Myanmar South China Morning Post. J-LS: “Yet another example where China is eating the US’s lunch with respect to on-the-ground diplomacy, and this in Myanmar, which the US administration perceives ;as one of its most significant foreign policy successes.'”

  8) Г'ГГУлей бомбануло. За шалости Ефима ПивоваГа отвечает Е. Ивахненко. От ышшо бы ВШЭй к ентой непришейк*дерукав...
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