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Целко подстрелено


“The people running the world’s businesses and governments mostly come from elite business and law schools. Graduates emerge from these programs with well-honed skills in verbalization, public presentation, image management, and strategic conformity, and with a hubristic belief that they are qualified, even entitled, to run large and important institutions.
For all their intelligence, they often lack a nuts-and-bolts understanding of how any particularly institution actually operates, or the qualities of character necessary to inspire basic respect among the people with whom they will work, much less to manage, motivate, or lead them. A few try to remedy their deficiencies. Most are willfully blinded by exaggerated estimations of their own merit, and the praise and confirmation they receive from others of the same stripe.
Tags: 20-летие "реформ", involution, political economy, truth, ВШЭ заела, вундервафля, добрым молодцам урок, истинное, меритокрадия, метко подмечено, пиндоз головного мозга, разговор страны, чему не учат в школе

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