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Below is a list showcasing 15 of America’s top import partners, countries that imported the most American shipments by dollar value during 2015. Also shown is each import country’s percentage of total American exports.

Canada: US$280 billion (18.6% of total American exports)
Mexico: $236.4 billion (15.7%)
China: $116.2 billion (7.7%)
Japan: $62.5 billion (4.2%)
United Kingdom: $56.4 billion (3.7%)
Germany: $49.9 billion (3.3%)
South Korea: $43.5 billion (2.9%)
Netherlands: $40.7 billion (2.7%)
Hong Kong: $37.2 billion (2.5%)
Belgium: $34.1 billion (2.3%)
Brazil: $31.7 billion (2.1%)
France: $31.5 billion (2.1%)
Singapore: $28.7 billion (1.9%)
Taiwan: $25.9 billion (1.7%)
Australia: $25 billion (1.7%)

Almost three-quarters (73.1%) of American exports in 2015 were delivered to the above 15 trade partners.

Only two importers on the above list increased their purchases of American exports from 2011 to 2015: UK (up 4.7%) and Germany (up 1.9%).

Among the decliners, our studies showed that the loss leaders were Brazil (US imports down –25.4%) and Canada (down –10.4).

According to JOC.com, the following were the top US companies in 2014 that shipped products from United States to its import partners around the globe. Shown within parenthesis is the product category that the American business specializes in.

Koch Industries (recovered wastepaper, plastic scrap, animal feeds)
International Paper (paper, packaging)
DeLong (animal feed, grain)
Denison International (recyclable paper)
DuPont (diversified chemicals)
MeadWestvaco / RockTenn (paper, packaging)

Sims Metal Management (recycled metals, electronics)
Newport CH International (recycled paper, metals, plastics)
Potential Industries (paper for recycling).
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