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От пана Вотруба

Concentration: “The company has established its level of dominance because of the failings of our current antitrust laws. To understand why, you first need to understand the scope of Amazon’s power. It has captured 43 percent of all internet retail sales in the United States, with half of all online shopping searches starting on Amazon. In 2016, it had over $63 billion in revenue from online sales in the United States — or more than the next 10 top online retailers combined. It controls 74 percent of e-book sales, is the largest seller of clothes online and is set to soon become the biggest apparel retailer in the country” [New York Times]. “Amazon today is also one of the world’s largest logistics networks and marketing platforms, as well as the dominant provider of cloud computing, which counts among its clients the Central Intelligence Agency. It manufactures products like the Echo, produces award-winning movies and television series, and delivers food from restaurants in 20 cities. In building this vast empire, Amazon chased growth over paying dividends, pricing key goods and services below cost to chase out competitors.” Amazon also evaded state sales taxes for years, did it not? Any chance of clawing them back?
Tags: "честные выборы" inc., banksters, corruption, crony capitalism, democracy crusade, marxism, political economy, war economy, zoonews, ВШЭ заела, Полный Кругман, большой брат не спит, ворон ворону, меритокрадия, пиндоз головного мозга, прихватизаторы, против человечества, рыло в пуху, статистика знает, чему не учат в школе, экономика и политика

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