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Lambert here: Ossoff’s loss is a loss for the Clintonites, and therefore a win for Democrats, if (and only if) it loosens the Establishment’s death grip on the Party apparatus which, if the Party is concerned with survival, it should. Ossoff’s race was the do-over for 2016 that Clintonites sought: Like the post-convention Clinton campaign, Ossoff’s lavishly funded campaign appealed to wealthy, educated, suburban Republicans, especially women, and ran a technocratic (documentary filmmaker, staffer) candidate with a vacuous message. Ossoff even turned to the right, first running on “Make Trump furious,” then pivoting to run against government waste (!). When will Democrats learn that Republicans prefer real Republicans to fake ones? Oh, and of course Ossoff kicked the left: Never, ever #MedicareForAll. So the Clintonites got their do-over, and they lost. They did the same thing. Did they get a different result? No. No Russians this time, eh? No Comey. No content farms in Macedonia. Or any of the other excuses.
Tags: #medicareforall, c'est la vie, crime, crony capitalism, democracy crusade, marxism, obama, realpolitik, useful idiots, Полный Кругман, матрац, меритокрадия, пиндоз головного мозга, политота, смефйочки, это Путин виноват

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