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Ку-ку #OrovilleDam #Grenfell Tower

1) Ну-с, и хто тута бензоколонка?
Employment Situation: “Year over year growth has been decelerating for all practical purposes in a straight line, as per the chart. And the downward revisions in prior months are further evidence of the weakness which began with the collapse in oil capex at the end of 2014. And wage growth increased at least partially because the jobs lost were largely those of lower income workers” (charts) [Mosler Economics]. “Also, at this point with low levels of deficit spending, both public and private, the economy is more likely to be path dependent. In other words, a drop in employment and sales for any reason is also a drop in income which probably means less subsequent spending, less income, etc. etc. but it take another month or so of data to see if that’s what’s happening.”

2) “General Motors Co. is facing a supply glut and it goes beyond automobiles on dealer lots. Despite its drastic downsizing a decade ago, the top U.S. auto manufacturer by sales finds itself with too many factories that can turn out too many vehicles. The imbalance is undermining GM’s finances” [Wall Street Journal]. “Adding to the strain: GM must contend with its capacity glut at the same time the company is making costly investments in electric cars and self-driving vehicles.”

3) ANO Бабиша набрало 29,6% содеГжимого уГн, что почти втрое больше, чем его ближайшие преследователи. Всего по итогам голосования в чешский сельпо пГоЙшли девять паГтий.
Расклад по подж*пникам
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