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От пана Вотруба

“Commerce Without Law” [Credit Slips]. “Barak carefully documents how the diamond the industry has evolved and thrived without state enforcement. Firmly grounded in institutional economics, his account also draws insight from sociology, religion, economics, management, history, anthropology, and law. The core narrative is that the combination of strong religious institutions and thick ethnic ties (such as those found in the Orthodox Jewish community in New York or the Palanpuri Jains in Gujrat) can operate to create a system of law that enables commerce across borders in a way that state-centered legal systems find hard to duplicate. Yet the picture is not entirely rosy, as he also explains how thick ethnic ties and strong religious institutions can be vulnerable to capture by insiders, lack transparency, and exhibit hostility to outsiders and unwillingness to innovate.”
Tags: crony capitalism, history, political economy, ВШЭ заела, былое и думы, на всякого мудреца, наука такая наука, чему не учат в школе, экономика и политика

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