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The Economist’s ten most popular articles of 2017

1. Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president August 19th

2. The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data May 6th

3. The world’s most dangerous cities March 31st

4. Governments may be big backers of the blockchain June 1st

5. Are women paid less than men for the same work? August 1st

6. The death of the internal combustion engine August 12th

7. The vote that could wreck the European Union March 4th За МакаГоЙшу

8. How to keep cool without costing the Earth February 11th

9. How to get rich in America February 2nd ЕлементаГнё, Уотсын, the simplest way to become extremely rich in Amercia is by being born to the right parents. Хто па мох патумыть!

10. The destruction of Mecca March 2nd Ох уж енти мене на всю ж*пу исламофуты

Tags: nato, psaking, useful idiots, war economy, журнализды, мелкобританцы

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