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Ку-ку #OrovilleDam #Grenfell Tower

.  1) Ангола и Нигерия уже продают КНР нефть и газ за Rénmínbì.

2) Exxon will start exporting natural gas from the massive Vaca Muerta shale play in Argentina to Chile, local media reported.

3) Tech: “If Everyone in China Has a Smartphone, What Does Apple Do Now?” [24/7 Wall Street]. “A report this morning from Taiwan’s DigiTimes cites the latest report from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on the number of Chinese subscribers to mobile communication services at the end of November. According to MIIT, the country has 1.41 billion subscribers. The CIA World Factbook in July estimated the country’s population at 1.379 billion, and Worldometers pegs the population as of Christmas Day at 1.412 billion. Of course some people have multiple subscriptions and some have none, but the numbers are striking in any event.”
Tags: c'est la vie, coca-cola, competition crusade, energetics, political economy, shale gas, Срединная, бобик сдох, корпорушка, марксизм, он таки подкрался, пердячий газ, пиндоз головного мозга, экономика и политика

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