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1) On 22 December 2017, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) held a meeting with representatives from Samsung to express concerns about Samsung’s role in the continuing price increase for memory products.

2) From
  Таки свети в конце норы. Але е одно але
Yes… But At What Cost?

3) Shakedown in Oklahoma: To cut the number of bigger earthquakes, inject less saltwater

  4) 72% (!) французов считают, что «сегодняшняя миграция — очень тревожный и сомнительный процесс, вызывающий серьёзные проблемы в сосуществовании очень разных культур и, в отдалённом обозримом будущем, угрожающий европейской культуре в целом».

  Вы, возможно, ухмыльнётесь такой простоте душевной, не зная, что такая смелая и прямая формулировка в официальной пГеЙссы употребляется впервые: подавляющее большинство пГеЙсституток всеми силами пытается убедить своих «клиентов», что население в общем и целом миграцию изо всех сил поддерживает и от всей души одобряет.

  48% считают, что внедряемая ныне миграция является явлением скандальной «теории Большого Замещения», в кою так не рекомендует верить вся европейская политкоГеЙкть.

By 2015 more British Muslims were fighting for ISIS than for the British armed forces.

5) “Why Did New York’s JFK Airport Struggle to Cope With Its Flight Backlog After the Bomb Cyclone?” [Points Guy].

“JFK is a bit of an oddity in terms of terminal operations — the six passenger terminals all operate independently, with absolutely no cooperation of any sort. Essentially, each terminal at JFK is its own little fiefdom with separate operations, management and employees…. An airport cannot function properly when divided into six mini airports without even a modicum of cooperation. When it became clear that terminals were becoming overwhelmed, the Port Authority should have quickly stepped in to manage its airport, forcing terminal operators to work together and providing options for stranded passengers to get off aircraft in a reasonable time span. Unfortunately, it waited an entire day to take any action.”

6) “Apple Inc.’s famously efficient world-wide supply chain is showing signs of fraying. The electronics giant has been missing delivery dates for new products in recent years, and the time between new product announcements and shipments has more than doubled in the six years since Tim Cook became chief executive, from 11 days to 23 days” [Wall Street Journal].

“That’s a surprise for a business held as something of an icon in supply-chain circles for its close management of operations, from handling high-value components from multiple suppliers to distribution to consumers. Competition is raising stresses in the market, however, and Apple and its rivals are straining to match their design and marketing with the physical demands of supply chains.”
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