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От пана Вотруба

1) 1888, March 12

The most severe winter storm ever to hit the New York City region reaches blizzard proportions, costing hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in property damage. Although the storm also struck New England, New York was the hardest hit, with the 36-hour blizzard dumping some 40 inches of snow on the city. For several weeks, the city was virtually isolated from the rest of the country by the massive snowdrifts. Messages north to Boston had to be relayed via England.


1938. Anschluss



  1958, 12 марта

 Приказом Совнархоза Пермского эконом-го адм-го р-на создано пр-во ЖРД на Пермском моторостр-м з-де № 19 им. И.В. Сталина.

Tags: history, natural economy, realpolitik, war economy, былое и думы

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