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От пана Вотруба

Concentration: “Food and Power: Addressing Monopolization in America’s Food System” (PDF) [Open Markets Institute].

   В нижеследующем высере правоверный мыслитель о хозяйстве обязан заменить ложное monopoly на ОПГ Oligopoly.

“concentrated power has many negative consequences, particularly for farmers, farm workers, and for rural communities that depend on agriculture to drive their economies. For example, because of spreading agribusiness monopoly, the prices farmers pay for inputs such as seed and fertilizer continue to rise rapidly. At the same time, growing concentration among meat processors, grain traders, food processors, and retailers is responsible for driving down the prices farmers and farm workers receive for their labor. Largely because of these factors, a farm crisis is building across America on a scale not seen since the 1980s. Monopoly also affects the quality of our food and agriculture’s environmental footprint, making it a concern for both food producers and consumers, both in rural and urban areas. This brief documents the degree of concentration found in different agriculture-related sectors of the economy and lays out solutions for policymakers.”
I’m not sure any market is very truly open.

Tags: demography, food, marxism, political economy, statistics, пиндоз головного мозга, статистика знает, экономика и политика

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