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Календарь пана Вотруба и Nazi-anal idea und project вна атном флаконЕ

1861 – American Cotton War: In Montgomery, Alabama, delegates from six break-away U.S. states meet and form the Confederate States of America.



Korean independence movement leaders operating in Manchuria attack Japanese forces at Chongjin Port on the northeastern coast and kill about 40 Japanese soldiers.

+ +


4 февраля 1941 года, вторник.

.   Стереоскопический фильм «КОНЦЕРТ» — Москва
.   «ВЕТЕР С ВОСТОКА» — Первый к/т, Ударник, Форум, Метрополь, Родина, ЦПКиО им. Горького, Арктика, Орион, Шторм, Экран жизни, Таганский, Спорт.
– The United Service Organization (USO) is created to entertain American troops.
The United Service Organizations, popularly known as the USO, was incorporated in New York on February 4, 1941, to provide recreational opportunities and resources for members of the U.S. armed forces on leave.
In 1941, in a response to a mandate from Pres. FDR, six private organizations – the YMCA, YWCA, the National Jewish Welfare Board, the Traveler’s Aid Association and the Salvation Army were challenged to handle the on-leave morale and recreational needs for members of the Armed Forces. The six organizations pooled their resources and the United Service Organizations, which quickly became known as the USO, was incorporated in New York on February 4, 1941.
NaZionanalist-amercian диктатура над Парагваем
To strengthen his authority, on February 4, 1941 Morínigo removed the influential Col. Peredes from the post of Interior Minister.
Feb 4, Tue.
Fleet Landing Exercise (FLEX) No. 7 begins in Culebra-Vieques, Puerto Rico, area, with all available ships of the Atlantic Fleet and elements of the 1st Marine Division and the U.S. Army’s First Division, to train “Army and Navy Forces in the amphibious operations incident to a Joint Overseas Expedition.” Unlike FLEX No. 6 in 1940, bona fide transports are available for, and participate in, the maneuvers.
Search for submarine off Oahu, begun the previous day, continues. After destroyers Dale (DD-353) and Hull (DD-350) return to Pearl Harbor, destroyers Flusser (DD-368) and Drayton (DD-366) join Lamson (DD-367) in the hunt. Ultimately, however, the search is called off.
4 Feb 1941
The newspaper Chicago Tribune featured an article on the US government’s secret plan for war, including details such as a 10,000,000-strong military, half of which were to be destined for the to-be-established American Expeditionary Force for fighting in Europe.
[Erich Raeder]
Erich Raeder thought that the US entry into the war might be advantageous for the Germans as it would force Japan into belligerency.
.   Мин-во корпораций, согласно решению ко-го в Италии введён стандартный тип обуви, намерено установить также стандарт пр-ва мануфактуры и трикотажа.
1.– 4.2.1941
.   7 He 111 der 2./KG.4 (Hptm. Kühl) werfen Minen in den Suezkanal. Auf diesen gehen am 4.2. der griechische Frachter Aghios Georgios (3283 BRT) und am 5.2. der britische Frachter Ranee (5060 BRT) verloren.
der 4.2.1941, der 04. Februar 1941 war ein Dienstag
.   Adolf Hitler ordnet an, dass die Gebiete von Eupen, Malmedy und Moresnet, die im seit Mai 1940 von deutschen Truppen besetzten Belgien liegen, Abgeordnete in den Deutschen Reichstag zu entsenden haben. Die ehemals preußischen Gebiete waren 1920 an Belgien angeschlossen worden.
.   Die Schlachtschiffe „Scharnhorst“ und „Gneisenau“ durchbrechen von der britischen Marine unbemerkt die sog. Dänemarkstraße zwischen Grönland und Island und stoßen zum Handelskrieg in den Atlantik vor.
 In Zürich beginnt der sog. Dakred-Prozess gegen die Gründer der Darlehens- und Kreditgenossenschaft Ernst Keller und Joseph Peterhans, die Gelder in Millionenhöhe veruntreut haben.
Rifornimenti per le truppe inglesi in Cirenaica
Africa settentrionale. Cominciano ad affluire a el-Mechili, in Cirenaica, i primi rifornimenti inglesi provenienti da Tobruk: la IV brigata corazzata può così procedere verso ovest per tagliare la strada alle truppe italiane che si sono ritirate da Bengasi.
Seghi e Chierroni mondiali di slalom
.    A Cortina d’Ampezzo, gli sciatori azzurri Celina Seghi e Vittorio Chierroni, entrambi dell’Abetone (Pistoia), vincono la gara di slalom valida per i campionati mondiali. Nella gara maschile Chierroni, 24 anni il prossimo 26 maggio, finisce pari merito con il tedesco Albert Pfeifer, al […]
Troop convoy US 9 departs Australia for Singapore and Egypt.
Gen. Gordon Bennett departs by air to establish HQ of Australian 8th ID in Malaya.
Battle of Southern Honan: Japanese 11th Army captures Nanyang while 68th A of Chinese 5th War Area unsuccessfully counterattacks around Hsinghokuan.
1941 PTFE was accidentally discovered in 1938 by Roy Plunkett, in New Jersey while he was working for Kinetic Chemicals. … Kinetic Chemicals patented the new fluorinated plastic (analogous to known
polyethylene) in 1941 (US 2230654, Plunkett, Roy J, “Tetrafluoroethylene polymers”, issued 4 February 1941).
+ +
In 1971, Rolls-Royce was crippled by the costs of developing the advanced RB211 jet engine, resulting in the nationalization of the company as Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited.
In February 1971, after massive development costs associated with the RB211, Rolls-Royce went into receivership. This halted L-1011 final assembly and Lockheed investigated the possibility of a US engine supplier; by then it was considered too late to change engine suppliers to either General Electric or Pratt & Whitney.
“RR объявляет банкротство, потеряв средства на разработке двигателя для Lockheed Tri-Star Airbus.”
Raymond L. Francis. This Day in Business History, McGraw-Hill, 2006. с. 50.
В 2020 г. в Белгородской области произведено 922,4 тыс. т свинины — 17% ПаПуÖсси.

Nazi-anal idea und Nazi-anal project вна атном флакони

.   В гау Новосибирск за 2020 г. произведено 43,6 млн. декалитров пива — на 7,1% (2,9 млн декалитров) больше, чем за 2019 г., Новосибирскстат.
.   По пр-ву пива гау заняла шестое место среди всех гау рейхскоммиссариата Ост — после Моск., Татарии, обоСсан-Пецябугая, Ульяновской и Самарской. При этом Новосибирская самая уссатая в рейхскомиссариате Сибир — 32%. <https://regnum.ru/news/economy/3181675.html>

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