Горит пирожковая или Жозепы полный Боррель

МОСКВА, 17 мар, РИА Новости. ИРИ начала обогащение урана на подземном заводе в Натанзе с каскадом усовершенствованных центрифуг IR-4.


.   Это наша свинья

Туткянö Гöлякивя: «К сожалению, 36 часов, которые мы на сегодняшний день имеем, не осваивает практически 30% наших школьников» в ходе «откгытого диабздёха» со пукгейшей Кагала Педегаци Валькой Стакан, посвящённого сраньтбздичским напговнениям газвития шиштебе обгазовония.


.   Вот и на жигейней жёпи ёйного Хоздупа сраништани горятЪ

“Conquest and Slavery as Foundational to Property Law” [K-Sue Park, Georgetown Law Faculty Publications and Other Works]

“This article demonstrates that the histories of conquest and slavement are foundational to U.S. property law. Over centuries, laws and legal institutions facilitated the production of the two commodities, or forms of property, upon which the colonial economy and the United States came to depend above all others: enclosures of Native nations’ land and enslaved people. By describing the role of property law in creating markets for lands and people, this article addresses the gap between the marginal place of these histories in the contemporary property law canon and the growing scholarly and popular recognition that conquest and enslavement were primary modes of property formation in American history.”

Google’s Colosseum” [Google’s Colosseum]

“In the formulation of Gebru’s paper, large language models (‘large’ because they’re trained on a massive, unsanitized corpus of texts from the wilds of the internet) re-present, or ‘parrot,’ the problematic linguistic status quo. And in parroting it, they can perpetuate it… As someone who trained as an historian, it’s not at all surprising to me that what was true of the Roman Colosseum — in everything from the class-stratified seating arrangement to the central spectacle — is also true of a the massively complex and expensive public display of cultural power that is Google’s language model.”

With a neat diagram of the Colosseum showing the class stratification.

.   Пиндосрань нагло угрожает тов. Си судьбой Моссадыка и Милошевича


French Call To Replace English With Latin As Europe’s Official Language

Poland Wants More Gold: “The ‘Most Reserve’ Of Reserve Currencies” таки 100500 тонн хочут

Uber will pay its 70,000 UK-based drivers minimum wage and benefits following a major Supreme Court defeat  Business Insider 

Unprecedented Texas deep freeze results in 600 million dollar crop loss – Texas farmers and ranchers have lost at least 600 million dollars to the unprecedented winter storm that lashed the state last month, according to the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

Mekong River drops to critically low levels – The Mekong River water levels in Thailand have fallen to critically low levels, posing a serious threat of severe drought during the dry season.

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