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Боевые 40-е 1941, 31 марта, понедельник Или Эрвин на блицпути к блицкраху как пример для Гитлера

G.6 Bank Debits and Deposit Turnover March 31, 1941



Mar 31, Mon.

South Greenland Survey Expedition, in Coast Guard cutter Cayuga, arrives at Godthaab, Greenland, to take up its task.
Coast Guard cutter Cayuga departs Boston, Massachusetts, with South Greenland Survey Expedition, composed of State, Treasury, War, and Navy Department representatives, embarked. The expedition's mission is to locate sites of airfields, seaplane bases, radio and meteorological stations and aids to navigation on Greenland’s soil (see 31 March).
Минфин СГаноШПётоукя Моргентау приказал охране безберегов конфисковать всех находящиеся в портах СГаноШПётоукя купцов томатянь, а также два германских в Бостоне; и 19 заСГанЬцЮзки, в т.ч. лайнер “Нормандия” (ко-й вскорости и спалят).

11.– 31.3.1941
Luftkrieg Deutschland
.   Am 31.3. RAF Luftangriff auf Emden. Erstmalig wirft eine Vickers Wellington eine 1,8-t-Bombe.
(evening) Bomber Command drops its first 4,000-pound bomb, by a Wellington aircraft over Emden.
.   Во Владивостоке прошли торги на рыболовные участки, сроки аренды ко-х истекли 31 декабря 1940 г. Советские рыболовы заторговали №№ 410, 553, 557, 558 и 1083, ранее находившиеся у японцев.
Правда № 89 от 31.03.1941
Nowy Kurier Warszawski 1941, nr 76 (31 marca)
Diario oficial del Ministerio de la Marina Año XXXIV Número 75 – 1941 marzo 31
31 March 1941
Attack by 5.lei.Div. led to capture of English forward positions at Maaten Bescer, as well as partial capture of built-up positions near Marsa Brega. Combat-capable elements of A.A.3 took B. es Suera. Counterattacks by enemy tanks were repulsed.
The reinforced 12th Bersaglieri battalion of Div. Ariete moved into position on the heights just north and 10 km north of Maaten Giofer.
Italian air force attacked reserves around Agedabia, the German tank and motor vehicle concentrations at Bleidet, as well as the positions at Marsa Brega.

[Siege of Tobruk]
5th Light Division attacked British 2nd Armoured Division at Mersa Brega, Libya starting at 0745 hours, supported by dive bombers. After holding off the offensive for most of the day, German tanks broke through at 1730 hours, capturing the town by 1900 hours. As the sun slowly set, British commanders decided not to counterattack with their tanks, but instead withdraw 30 miles northeast toward Agedabia. The day’s engagement cost the British 60 men killed, 8 armoured carriers destroyed, and 1 anti-aircraft gun destroyed.
ROMMEL’S FIRST ATTACK (March – April 1941)
Most of his force disembarked at Tripoli by 11th March and Rommel struck at the British on 31st March.
Ge. O’Connor had returned to Cairo, for a rest, handing 13 Corps over to Ge. Philip Neame, VC. The British advance had halted at Mersa El Brega gap, between the desert and the coast, just east of El Aghelia and it was here that Rommel struck on 31st March, with the Italians supported by 120 MK III and MK IV tanks. With 7th Armoured refitting in the Nile delta, the forward positions were held by scattered elements of the 2nd Armoured. The Panzer III and IV’s cut through the British armour like a knife through butter, assisted by the Luftwaffe.
With one of its two Armoured Brigades in Greece, the 2nd Armoured Division fell back on Antelat, having been forced out of Mersa El Brega, with Rommel’s forces on their heels and by 3rd April the British were in full retreat.
.   31 марта [На самом деле существенно раньше]–15 апреля в Сев. Африку направлены германские войска. Войска оси вновь заняли Киренаику и вышли к границам Египта.
20.– 31.3.1941
.    Am 28.3. greift Utmost (LtCdr. Cayley) einen Neapel-Tripolis-Konvoi mit den dt. Dampfern Adana,
Samos, Heraklea, Ruhr und Galilea, gesichert von den Zerstörern Folgore, Dardo und Strale, an, versenkt die
Heraklea (1927 BRT) und torpediert die Ruhr (5954 BRT). Ein Geleit mit den dt. Schiffen Ankara, Reichenfels,
Marburg und Kybfels und der it. Calitea unter Sicherung durch die Zerstörer Vivaldi, Da Noli und Malocello, das am 29.–31.3. von Neapel und Palermo nach Tripolis läuft, kommt ohne Verluste durch. Aus einem Rückgeleit mit den Transportern Aquitania, Galilea, Caffaro und Beatrice Costa und Sicherung durch die Torpedoboote Clio, Cigno, Calliope und Pegaso torpediert Upright (Lt. E.D. Norman) am 31.3. die Galilea vor Tripolis. Das Schiff wird von Calliope und Pegaso eingebracht.
.   …und am 31.3. versenkt Rorqual mit 2 Treffern eines Fünferfächers das ital. U-Boot Capponi.
U-46 (Endrass) Castor (8,714, 1928, sw). 57° 58’N, 30° 31’W – Grid AK 2836 about 430 miles east-southeast of Cape Farewell. 12,000 tons of fuel oil and benzole Port Arthur, Texas (12 Mar) – New Orleans – Faroe Islands – Gothenburg.
Entering base: Lorient, France: U-52 ( days).
14 boats at sea: U-46, U-48, U-69, U-73, U-74, U-76, U-94, U-97, U-98, U-101, U-105, U-106, U-107, U-124.
Commissioned U-331 (VIIC) Nordseewerke, Emden (werk 203). Ordered 23 Sep 1939. Laid down 26 Jan 1940. Launched 20 Dec 1940. Commissioned 31 Mar 1941. Sunk on 17 November 1942 in the Mediterranean Sea north-west of Algiers.
Hagikaze (Clover Wind) was one of 19 Kagerō-class destroyers. Uraga Dock, Yokosuka. Położenie stępki 23 maja 1939. Wodowanie 18 czerwca 1940. Wejście do służby 31 marca 1941.
Laid down U-663, VIIC, Howaldtswerke Hamburg AG, Hamburg (werk 812). Ordered 15 Aug 1940. Laid down 31 Mar 1941. Launched 26 Mar 1942. Commissioned 14 May 1942. Sank on 8 May 1943 in the Bay of Biscay south-west of Brest. U-708 (VIIC) H C Stülcken Sohn, Hamburg (werk 772). Ordered 6 Aug 1940. Laid down 31 Mar 1941. Launched 24 Mar 1942. Commissioned 24 Jul 1942. Scuttled on 5 May 1945 at Wilhelmshaven.
Aircraft again established contact with the convoy confirmed on 29 and 30.3.  Convoy position at 0930, AL 6582. The aircraft was forbidden to attack and was to attempt to shadow unobserved. This it was unable to do, however, it was sighted by a convoy unit, which reported the convoy position in AL 6887. The difference in fix amounted to about 70 sea miles.  It was thought that the convoy units report might very well be a reference point, a frequent surmise. However, as a second aircraft reported the convoy in AL 9136 at 1230, and the convoy unit reported the second aircraft in AL 9211, this last position can be taken as certain. The first aircraft's fix then was 70 sea miles out. U 73, U 97 and U 101 were detailed for action. These boats were in a favourable position about 100 to 120 sea miles ahead of the convoy. The aircraft sent bearing signals which should have been picked up by the U-boats and reported with their positions to act as check on the convoy position. No messages have been received. There was no contact with the enemy. In the evening the boats received orders to occupy their operational areas. U 94 and U 101 received grid AK 02 as position, U 76 the grid AL 15.
U 98, from which no message was received for several days in spite of repeated requests, sent a position report.
U 106 reported having carried out replenishment of supplies.
In the light of experience, especially in the case of the last convoy reported by aircraft which was unable to remain unobserved, and the resulting strengthening of Fliegerführer Atlantic’s conviction that an unobserved shadowing is impossible with the type FW 200, I have decided to give the aircraft in general freedom to attack. I hope in this way to cause the enemy to report on the air attack – from which the position may be obtained by the Radio Intercept Service.
This had in fact happened twice today, and once previously.
(Signed): DÖNITZ.
At 2:37 on March 31, 1941, Ambra sighted a large escorted ship moving at an estimated speed of 10 knots. At 2:44 she launched three torpedoes at the target and remained on the surface to observe the results. Two torpedoes hit the ship in the middle, and Arillo, in the dark, assumed he had torpedoed a large tanker. The ship hit was actually light cruiser HMS Bonaventure escorting convoy GA8 from Greece to Alexandria along with destroyers HMAS Stuart, HMS Griffin and HMS Hereward. Hit in both of her engine rooms Bonaventure
quickly sank within five or six minutes in the position 33°20’N 26°35’E with 139 casualties and 310 survivors. After observing the success of her attack, Ambra moved away.
While Hereward was rescuing the survivors, Stuart, who was missed by the third torpedo, detected Ambra
with ASDIC and commenced a series of depth charge attacks against the submarine. Hereward soon joined in, and attacks lasted for several hours until approximately 6:30. The submarine suffered damage to a variety of her equipment, including both gyroscopic and magnetic compasses. Once the escorts moved away, Ambra surfaced and using Celestial Navigation made her way back to Augusta. Captain Arillo received the Silver Medal of Military Valor for his performance during this patrol.
HMS Upright (Lt. E.D. Norman, DSC) torpedoed and damaged the German merchant Galilea (1927 GRT, built 1922) about 60 nautical miles North-West of Tripoli, Libya in position 33°38’N, 12°40’E.
HMS Rorqual (Cdr R.H. Dewhurst, DSO) torpedoed and sank the Italian submarine Pier Capponi (770 tons, built 1929) south of Stromboli in position 38°32’N, 15°19’E. The submarine had sailed from Messina for La Spezia.
HMS Tetrarch departed Alexandria for her 12th war patrol (7th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol in the Gulf of Sirte and off Tripoli.
Commissioned Battleship HMS Prince of Wales (53) King George V-class, Cammell Laird Shipyard
(Birkenhead). Ordered 29 Jul 1936. Laid down 1 Jan 1937. Launched 5 Mar 1939. Commissioned 31 Mar 1941. Lost 10 Dec 1941. Royal Norwegian Navy Motor Launch ML 233. Submarine USS Mackerel (SS-204)
Mackerel-class, Electric Boat Co. (Groton, Connecticut) Ordered 15 Jun 1939. Laid down 6 Oct 1939. Launched 28 Sep 1940. Commissioned 31 Mar 1941.
Launched Destroyer HMS Onslow (G 17) O-class, John Brown Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd. (Clydebank, Scotland). Ordered 3 Sep 1939. Laid down 1 Jul 1940. Launched 31 Mar 1941. Commissioned 8 Oct 1941. Free French Navy Corvette Aconit (K 58) / Corvette HMS Aconite (K 58). RN Boom defence vessel Barsing (Z 75).
Laid down
Royal Australian Navy Minesweeper Cairns (J 183).
Submarine USS Haddock (SS 231) Gato-class, Portsmouth Navy Yard (Kittery, Maine). Ordered 28 Jun 1940. Laid down 31 Mar 1941. Launched 21 Oct 1941. Commissioned 14 Mar 1942. US Navy Minesweepers Acme (AMc-61), Adamant (AMc-62), Courier (AMc-72).
Kriegstagebuch für Montag den 31. März 1941
.   875 italienische und deutsche Seeleute werden unter dem Vorwurf der ‘Sabotage’ verhaftet, nachdem ihre Handelsschiffe am Vortag von den US-Behörden beschlagnahmt worden waren.
.   400.000 Bergarbeiter treten in den Streik. Die Polizei setzt Tränengas in Milwaukee ein, um 3.000 Streikposten der Gewerkschaften in der Nähe einer Fabrik zu vertreiben.
Europa: Die neue englische 1.800-kg-Bombe mit dem Namen ‘Cookie’ wird zum ersten Mal über einem deutschen Ziel (Emden in der Nacht vom 31. März auf den 1. April) abgeworfen.
.   Rommel bricht durch die britischen Stellungen bei Mersa Brega, in der Nähe von El Agheila. Nachdem die Briten 50 Panzerspähwagen und 30 leichte Panzer verloren haben, ziehen sie sich zurück.
Mittelmeer: Der englische Kreuzer Bonaventure wird durch das italienische Unterseeboot Ambra vor Sollum versenkt.
.   In den Vereinigten Staaten kommt
es in 28 Unternehmen der Rüstungsindustrie zu Streiks.
.   Die diplomatischen Beziehungen zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und Jugoslawien werden infolge des Staatsstreichs vom 27. März abgebrochen. Am Vortag hatte die reichsdeutsche Kolonie die Hauptstadt Belgrad verlassen.
Attacco italo-tedesco a Marsa el-Brega
Africa settentrionale. Gli italo-tedeschi di Rommel attaccano Marsa el-Brega, località della Cirenaica a nord-est di el-Agheila. Gli inglesi sono costretti a ritirarsi.
March 31
German merchant ships München and Hermouthis are scuttled by their crews to avoid capture by Royal Canadian Navy armed merchant cruiser Prince Henry, which intercepted them off Peru.
(evening) Bomber Command drops its first 4,000-pound bomb, by a Wellington aircraft over Emden.
(night) German 8th Machine Gun Battalion successfully drives British forces from Mersa el Brega, gaining
Bren gun-carriers and 30 lorries.
War Diary for Monday, 31 March 1941
Field Marshal Dill travels incognito to Belgrade for consultations regarding joint British-Yugoslavian military planning.
Despite Horthy’s pledge to Germany, PM Teleki refuses to agree to Hungarian attack on Yugoslavia.
Regent of Iraq, pro-British Amir Abdul Illah, flees Baghdad and subsequently given sanctuary aboard RN gunboat Cockchafer.
Atlantic Ocean
Canada. Convoy HX 118 departs Halifax for Liverpool.
RAF Bomber Command sends 28 aircraft to attack Bremen overnight.
LtCol William Lee assigned to take command of Provisional Parachute Group at Fort Benning.
31 Mar 1941
Husband Kimmel and Walter Short received a report noting the weakness of the base at Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii to surprise air attacks.
US troops at [Chaguramas], Trinidad held a ceremony.
[HMS Howe] HMS Howe was completed.
[Scharnhorst] Before dawn, 109 RAF bombers attacked warships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in Brest, scoring no hits.
Italian Eritrea [Invasion of Italian East Africa]
British and Indian troops broke through the roadblocks on the road between Keren and Asmara in Eritrea, Italian East Africa, capturing 560 Italian troops; continuing the push south, Indian 5th ID engaged Italian troops near Adi Tekelezan, which was less than 50 kilometers from Asmara and was the last town before Asmara.
To the east, Italian destroyers Leone, Pantera, and Tigre departed Massawa, Eritrea to attack British port facilities at Port Sudan, British Sudan; Leone struck underwater rocks en route, and Pantera and Tigre were forced to sink Leone by gunfire, and the attack was called off with two surviving ships heading back to Massawa.
The Southerner was one of two new streamliners put into operation by the Southern Railway in 1941, the other being the Tennessean. The new train made its first run on March 31, 1941, using new equipment delivered by Pullman-Standard. The Pennsylvania Railroad handled the train between New York and Washington, D.C.
North from the Lone Star is a Western film directed by Lambert Hillyer and written by Charles F. Royal. The film stars Wild Bill Elliott, Richard Fiske, Dorothy Fay, Dub Taylor, Arthur Loft and Jack Roper. The film was released on March 31, 1941, by Columbia Pictures.
Stadt Übach-Palenberg
.   Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wurden 38 Gastwirtschaften in Übach-Palenberg festgestellt, d.h. eine „Kneipe“ auf 458 Einwohner.
.   Die Schülerzahlen in Übach-Palenberg: Volkschule Frelenberg: 339, Volksschule Palenberg: 580, Volksschule Scherpenseel: 287, Volksschule Übach: 441, Volksschule Boscheln: 718, Volksschule Marienberg: 242. Es unterrichteten 52 Lehrpersonen.
.   In Übach-Palenberg wurden 28.851 Reichsverbilligungsscheine I zwischen April 1940 und März 1941 ausgegeben, Reichsverbilligungsscheine II: 11.921.
.   Schuldenstand der Gemeinde an diesem Tag: 727.164,74 RM, Pro-Kopf-Verschuldung: 38,11 RM.
3. Panzer-Division
03/1941: Nella primavera i tre Abteilungen del Panzer-Regiment 6 vennero sottoposti alla Panzer-Brigade 5.
10. Pz.-D.
03/1941: Venne trasferita in BASSA SLESIA (Heimat).

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