Горит пирожковая

.   Мы проводили исследования и выяснили — здоровые люди репродуктивного возраста не могут иметь детей потому, что из-за бездарной социально-экономической политики постоянно находятся в состоянии тревоги, испытывают чувства опасности, паники, потери контроля над ситуацией.

.   У мужчин из-за этого снижается либидо, пропадает потенция, у женщин затрудняется выход яйцеклеток из яичников. Говорят, что люди, дескать не хотят иметь детей, время такое. Я вас уверяю — хотят, многие хотят. Но не могут, потому что не чувствуют себя хозяевами жизни.


.   Бойбздунишка опять покусал человека… Сонный, сонный, а как человечью кровушку почует

YouTube Unveils Hide Feature After Americans Mass-‘Dislike’ Biden Videos

72 Black Executives Joined By Delta, Microsoft In Opposing Georgia Election Law

Shipping: “The Big Dumb Ship Problem Is Much Worse Than We Think” [Matt Stoller, BIG]

Quoting an email response:

“The concentration of risk in these E+ Class ships is huge. Actually though, a bigger risk to global commerce is if one of these monsters falls over in the entrance channel to a regional hub, such as Rotterdam or Long Beach. Blocking Suez is one thing as there is an alternative (sail round the horn of Africa) albeit taking more time. But blocking access to Rotterdam hits traffic in an out. Diversion are possible, but this impacts road and rail links into and out of the alternatives (e.g Hamburg, Le Havre). These cannot be replicated at scale fast enough for the present velocity of global trade. Example when China shutdown due to the pandemic, the problems were caused globally when they restarted, due to boxes and ships being in the wrong place.”

– Concentration of capital, too, I would think?

“Reimagining the Labor Movement” [Frank Interviews]

“I think the pandemic really accelerated and further demonstrated what everybody knows and feels. It showed us, right in our faces, how there is no safety net in this country for most people. And that there is definitely no safety net for poor people or for working-class people. And that there is absolutely nothing for undocumented people or Black poor folks in this country. I think that this was a big shock in the organizing space. It really pushed us to think about how we are capturing the energy that is coming out of this moment and about how we can use it as a springboard for long-term power building. At the same time, it really exposed how unprepared we were for it overall. Not just the unions. All of us, as a progressive movement, we were really unprepared for a moment like this.”

AT&T заябздела, что снижение налогов Трампом создаст рабочие места – и теперь увольняет тысячи раб*их.

“Logistics, Counter-logistics and the Communist Prospect” [End Notes]

A Closer Look At The EU’s New Murky Joint-Borrowing Schemes

С некоторых покупателей Tesla дважды взимала плату за новые самовзрывающиеся автомобили  CNBC

.   А чё стисняццо-та, всё одно не жилец

Negative COVID Tests For Sale Are Flooding The Dark Web

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