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Боевые 40-е 1941 2 апреля, среда (II)

Wednesday, 2 April

Convoy OB.305 departed Liverpool, escorted by corvette ABELIA and anti-submarine trawler ROWAN. On the 6th when the convoy dispersed.
Battlecruiser RENOWN, aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL (with twelve Hurricanes embarked from aircraft carrier ARGUS), light cruiser SHEFFIELD, and destroyers FAULKNOR, FEARLESS, FORESIGHT, FORTUNE, and FURY departed Gibraltar on Operation WINCH.
Light cruiser FIJI was ordered to Gibraltar to join temporarily Force H.
HMS Olympus ended her 8th war patrol at Gibraltar.
HrMs O 24 ended her 4th war patrol at Gibraltar.
A supply convoy for the Afrika Korps departed Naples with steamers ALICANTE (2140 grt), MARITZA (2910), SANTA FE (4627), PROCIDA (5366), and TEMBIEN (5584grt) escorted by destroyers SAETTA and TURBINE and torpedo boat ORSA for Tripoli, arriving on the 5th.


Commissioned Submarine HMS Uproar (P 31) class U, Third Group. Vickers Armstrong (Barrow-in-Furness). Ordered 11 Mar 1940. Laid down 30 Apr 1940. Launched 27 Nov 1940. Commissioned 2 Apr 1941. End service 28 Jun 1945. MTB 35.
Launched US Navy Repair ship Delta (AR 9).
Laid down US Navy Oiler Housatonic (AO 35).


April 2

Africa Corps forces capture Agedabia from retreating British.



Hungarian PM Count Teleki kills himself, rather than agree to Adolf Hitler’s demand to allow passage of German troops to Yugoslavia. However, the Hungarian Chief of General Staff accedes to the demand.


04/02/1941 With the British occupation of Massawa imminent, the remaining Italian destroyers still seaworthy attempt an attack against Port Sudan. British planes sink the Sauro and the Manin.
War Diary for Wednesday, 2 April 1941
Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka meets with the Pope.

Rashid Ali forms Government of National Defense in Baghdad. Newly appointed British ambassador Sir Kinahan Cornwallis arrives Baghdad.

Greek government makes urgent request for US to supply weapons to equip new infantry divisions.
PM Simovic refuses to accept formal military agreement with the British. Yugoslavian military attache reports German invasion will begin on 6 April.
German troops cross into Hungary for attack on Yugoslavia.

Atlantic Ocean
Convoy OB 305 departs Liverpool.
British vessel British Reliance sunk by U-46.
British vessel Beaverdale sunk by U-48.
English Channel
RAF Bomber Command sends 19 aircraft to attack coastal targets.
North Sea
British vessel Fermain sunk by Luftwaffe aircraft.

Pacific Ocean
German vessels Hermonthis, München scuttled off Callao, Peru to avoid capture by RCN auxiliary cruiser Prince Henry.

Operation Winch: RN Force H with carrier Ark Royal departs for Malta to deliver Hurricane fighters.
Aegean Sea
British vessel Home field sunk by Axis aircraft.
Italian troop convoy arrives Tripoli from Naples.
Italian supply convoy departs Naples for Tripoli with five freighters escorted by two destroyers.
Western Desert
British 3rd Armored Brigade and 2nd Support Group withdrawing from Agedabia. Lead elements of Rommel’s Afrika Korps reach Agedabia.

First test flight of the He 280 jet fighter.

Indian 7th Infantry Brigade and Free French Brigade d’Orient advancing toward Massawa.
Red Sea
Italian destroyers Panera, Tigre, Manin, Sauro, and Battisti sortie to attack British facilities at Port Sudan.
East African 22nd IBr reaches Awash on the road to Addis Ababa, cutting off Italian 13th and 14th Colonial Brigades around Asba Littorio.
Battle of Shangkao: 19th Army Group of Chinese 9th War Area recovers Hsishan, Wanshoukung, and Shihchachieh as Japanese 11th Army withdraws toward its bases.


2 Apr 1941

[Subhash Chandra Bose] arrived in Berlin.

Canadian armed merchant cruiser Prince Henry intercepted two German merchant ships off Peru; the German ships were scuttled by their own crews to prevent capture.
Allied convoy SC-26 ran into a patrol line formed by eight German submarines 460 miles southwest of Iceland. Overnight, U-46, U-69, U-73, and U-74 sank 6 merchant ships, damaged 1 merchant ship, and damaged the escorting armed merchant cruiser HMS Worcestershire; 110 men were killed.


.   осол заСГанЬци в СГаноШПётоукя Анри Эй вручил госдепю для передачи нАХАлычяню ноту протеста против попыток RN перехватить караван французских торговых судов у Алжира.

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