Календарь пана Вотруба или На улице Инфля

.   El 2 de abril de 801 (Sábado santo): Barcelona se rinde ante las tropas de Luis el Piadoso. Incorporación de los Condados Catalanes al Imperio carolingio.

.   Le 2 avril 801 : Barcelone se rend à l’armée de Louis le Pieux, soumettant les terres catalanes à l’empire carolingien.

.   1791 : morte Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau, homme politique français (° 9 mars 1749).


Battle of Copenhagen. //

.   Состоялось Копенгагенское сражение RN и королевского флота датско-норвежской унии.

– Pan European French Wars: The British capture the Danish fleet.


Thomas Dadford Jr. (ca. 1761 to 1801) was an canal engineer, who came from a family of canal engineers. He first worked with his father in the north of Britain on the Stour and the Trent, but later independently, contributing to a number of canal schemes, mainly in Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire but also in Montgomeryshire and Ellesmere, before dying at the young age of 40.

.   2 kwietnia 1831

.   Pod Kałuszynem II Korpus Kawalerii polskiej gen. bryg. Tomasza Łubieńskiego rozbił ariergardę rosyjską VI korpusu. Do polskiej niewoli dostało się 4000 Rosjan.

.   1831 – Powstanie Listopadowe: wygrana powstańców w drugiej Bitwie pod Kałuszynem.

.   1851: en Tailandia es coronado el rey Rama IV.

.   2 kwietnia 1871 r. – Komuna Paryska: wojska rządowe wkroczyły na przedmieścia Paryża.

Dominion of Canada’s first census shows a population of 3,689,257, including 2,110,000 of British origin and 1,083,000 of French origin. Ottawa.

.   1871: fallecimiento Francisco Javier de Istúriz, político español (n. 1790).


Итоги переписи населения в UK. За десять лет население увеличилось на 9,1 % и составило 45,216,665 жителей. Остров опережает Францию, население ко-й с 39 млн. возросло лишь на 600 тыс., но заметно уступает по численности и темпам прироста Германской империи (с 56,4 до 64,9 млн.) и особенно США (с 76 до 92 млн. (за счёт иммигрантов)) и РИ (с 132,1 до 160,7 млн. подданных).

– The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducts the country’s first national census. // The first national census was developed by the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics. The census occurred at midnight between 2 and 3 April 1911. Tabulation was carried out almost entirely by hand; over 4 million cards were sorted and physically counted for each tabulation. Results from the 1911 census took a long time to release with delays increased by Great War. The Australian population was counted as 4,455,005, “exclusive of full-blooded aborigines”.


– The Autonomous Government of Khorasan, a military government encompassing the modern state of Iran, is established.


Finance. Toronto Stock Exchange and Montréal Stock Exchange make joint ticker arrangements.


– First Navy use of jet aircraft as a bomber, launched from a carrier, USS Princeton.

– Far East Air Force flew 1,245 sorties in the third highest daily total in the war.


Libya concludes five weeks of negotiations with Western oil companies in Tripoli on behalf of itself, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iraq. Agreement raises posted prices of oil delivered to Mediterranean from $2.55 to $3.45 per barrel; provides for a 2.5 percent annual price increase plus inflation allowance; raises tax rate from a range of 50–58 percent to 60 percent of posted price.

– Last internal Yukon flight from Victoria to Trenton.

.    En España, la dictadura franquista condena al director del diario Madrid a pagar una multa de 250 000 pesetas por un artículo titulado «Ni gobierno, ni oposición».

HMS Diomede (F16) was a Leander-class frigate of the RN. She was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders in Glasgow. Diomede was laid down 30 January 1968, launched on 15 April 1969 and commissioned on 2 April 1971. Sold to Pakistan, July 1988. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Diomede_(F16)>

.    2 kwietnia 1991 r. – z krateru filipińskiego wulkanu Pinatubo na wyspie Luzon zaczęły się wydobywać kłęby pary, co było początkiem największej erupcji wulkanicznej w XX wieku w dniu 15 czerwca tego roku.

.   2001 r. – zarejestrowano największy od 25 lat rozbłysk słoneczny.

.   2001: el ejército israelí realiza un atentado contra Mohamed Abdel Al, destacado dirigente del movimiento fundamentalista de la Yijad islámica.


Canadian and American trade unionists rally at the international border between British Columbia and Washington to show their solidarity with public sector workers in Wisconsin facing attacks by that state’s government. The action was organized in conjunction with hundreds of other We Are One rallies that took place throughout North America.


​​​​​​​April Temperature Anomalies Spike In Central US As Farmers Prepare For Early Spring Planting

State gasoline taxes average about 30 cents per gallon

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