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Боевые 40-е 1941 3 апреля, четверг (II)

War Diary for Thursday, 3 April 1941

British ambassador Sir Stafford Cripps disinforms Stalin that Germany plans to invade.
sWinson Churchill directs ambassador in Moscow Sir Stafford Cripps to deliver message to Josef Stalin warning of threat of German attack.

3 Apr 1941

sWinson Churchill warned Stalin (via the Soviet ambassador in UK) German troop movements into Poland detected by British intelligence.

[Campaigns in the Middle East]

The Iraqi Parliamentary government was overthrown by the military coup d’état that began two days prior.
В незаконно оккупированной Гренландии начато стр-во военных городков СГаноШПётоукя.


Adolf Hitler issues Directive No. 26: “Cooperation with our allies in the Balkans”. Details are given of operations against Yugoslavia: Hungary will re-take the Babat of Temesvar (lost to Yugoslavia after Great War), Bulgaria will gain the disputed area of Macedonia, Rumania will guard frontiers with Russia and Yugoslavia.

.   «Предварительные указания о разделе Югославии» приняты OKW.

.   Три банды гурта «Б» абвер-2 пересекают болгаро-греческую границу, устраивают пожары на промышленных объектах, повреждают кабели связи в пограничной полосе.


.   На борту трансокеанского лайнера в Южную Африку отправлен гурт диверсантов абвера. Перед командиром, африканером Робби Лайбрандтом, поставлена боевая задача: террор, диверсии на ж/д линиях Дурбан–Йоханнесбург–Капштадт (операция «Боярышник»), У берегов Африки гурт пересаживается на борт парусной яхты капитана Ниссена («Хайн»).


Subhas Chandra Bose, traveling with diplomatic papers as an Italian embassy official, arrives Berlin from India via Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.

Thursday, 3 April

Convoy OB.306 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers ACHATES, BOADICEA, COLUMBIA, and ST FRANCIS, corvettes HEPATICA and WINDFLOWER, and anti-submarine trawlers ARAB, AYRSHIRE, and LADY MADELEINE. …dispersed on the 9th.
Convoy HG.58 departed Gibraltar escorted by sloop EGRET, corvettes ASPHODEL, AZALEA, COREOPSIS, and FLEUR DE LYS, Dutch submarine O.21, and anti-submarine trawler ARCTIC RANGER. and arrived at Liverpool on the 20th with the sloop and the three destroyers.

In attacks on Convoy SC.26.

badly damaged British steamer ATHENIC (5351grt), which was straggling behind convoy SC.26 with damage, in 58-32N, 20-13W. The entire crew was rescued. The steamer sank on the 5th.
sank British steamer WESTPOOL (5724grt) in 58-12N, 27-40W. Thirty five crew were lost on the steamer.
attacked a second ship at the same time as steamer WESTPOOL.
sank British tanker BRITISH VISCOUNT (6895grt) in 58-15N, 27-30W. Twenty eight crew were missing. Twenty were rescued from the tanker.
sank Belgian steamer INDIER (5409grt) and Greek steamer LEONIDAS Z. CAMBANIS (4274grt) in 58-12N, 27-40W. Forty two crew from the Belgian steamer were lost. Four survivors were landed at Liverpool. Two crew from the Greek steamer were lost.
damaged Armed merchant cruiser WORCESTERSHIRE (11,402grt) in 58N, 27W.

U.69 sank Finnish steamer DAPHNE (1939grt) in the North Atlantic, about 60N, 20W.

Italian submarine MICCA attacked two steamers in 34-10N, 25-24E without success.

Submarine UNDAUNTED departed Portsmouth for Gibraltar where she arrived on the 13th.

Italian destroyer BATTISTI, en route to bombard Port Sudan, broke down and was scuttled by accompanying Italian destroyers.
Italian destroyers TIGRE, PANTERA, MANIN, and SAURO, in sight of Port Sudan, were attacked by Swordfish of 813 and 824 Squadron from Aircraft carrier EAGLE, based at Port Sudan.
Destroyers MANIN and SAURO were sunk in the air attacks ten miles off Port Sudan.
Destroyers TIGRE and PANTERA were damaged in air attacks and were sunk by destroyer KINGSTON.

New Zealand light cruiser LEANDER arrived at Colombo. The cruiser departed the same day for Madras.


HMS Olympus departed Gibraltar for her 9th war patrol, HMS Otus departed Gibraltar for her 11th war patrol (3rd in the Mediterranean). There was ordered to patrol off Oran as it is thought that the Vichy-French battleship Dunkerque might be leaving that port.

HMS Upholder departed Malta for her 8th war patrol (6th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol off the East coast of Tunisia.

HMS Tigris (Lt.Cdr. H.F. Bone, DSO, DSC) torpedoes and sank the German tanker Thorn (5486 GRT, built 1932, former Norwegian Ruth) about 75 nautical miles South-West of St. Nazaire in position 46°36’N, 03°38’W. During the night of 3 / 4 April HMS Tigris picks up the agents that had been landed on 30 March. They are all recovered except Sergeant Le Tac who does not show up at the rendezvous. The mission was unsuccessful as it was based on obsolete information but valuable information was obtained.

HMS H 32 ended her 3rd war patrol at Plymouth where she was taken in hand at the Devonport Dockyard to effect repairs to her hydroplanes.
HMS Porpoise ended her 12th war patrol at Halifax.


Of the ten Norwegian Kvarstad ships that had escaped captivity from Gothenburg, Sweden two days prior, only two of them successfully reached Leith, Scotland. They were B. P. Newton and Lind. B. P. Newton had carried on board 71 people.


Laid down Escort destroyer HMS Bolebroke (L 65) / Royal Hellenic Navy Pindos (L 65). RN MS Trawler Stroma (T 150). US Navy Motor torpedo boat PT 35.


(night) German 3rd Recon Battalion gains Benghazi from the British.


RAF Bomber Command sends 90 aircraft to attack Kriegsmarine warships at Brest overnight, 15 aircraft on minelaying operations overnight.
Luftwaffe attacks Bristol overnight with 76 aircraft.
PM Teleki receives message from London that UK will sever relations if Hungary does not resist passage of German troops.
PM Count Pal Teleki commits suicide in protest when he realizes he is powerless to prevent Horthy and the Hungarian military from joining the German invasion of Yugoslavia.
Horthy appoints pro-German Foreign Minister Laszlo Bardossy to succeed Teleki as prime minister.
Yugoslavian Army ordered to full mobilization.
Generals Papagos, Wilson, and Jankovic confer on joint military operations.
Mediterranean Sea
Operation Winch: aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal flies off twelve Hurricane fighters and three Skuas for Malta.
1941 – The aircraft carrier HMS Argus flies off 12 RAF Hawker Hurricanes to Malta from a point south of Sardinia.
Operation Lustre: Australian 19th Infantry Brigade arriving Athens by sea from Egypt.
Aegean Sea
British vessel Northern Prince and three others en route to Piraeus sunk by Luftwaffe aircraft.
.   Вечером девять Ju-88 II./LG1 атаковали у побережья Греции Northern Prince, 10917 брт.
.   В 18.57 в него попали две бомбы, сброшенные командиром 4./LG1 хауптманом Joachim Helbig, на корабле начался пожар. Поск. на борту Нортерн Принц находилось неск. тысяч тонн боеприпасов, экипаж поспешно покинул судно, ко-е и взорвалось.
.   На обратном пути над о. Саламис в 8 км зап. Пирея Юнкерс Хелбига захвачен прожекторами и почти сразу же атакован Бофайтер. Резко бросив самолёт вниз и в сторону, Хелбигу удалось вырваться из слепящих лучей. На макс. скорости Юнкерс старался как можно быстрее уйти из опасного места, т.к. всего в неск. километрах сев. Саламиса на побережье находился аэродром Eleusis, где гнездились Бофайтеры.
.   Во время второй атаки Бофайтер сбит бортрадистом Franz Schlund. Это уже второй самолет, сбитый им.


Italian authorities open negotiations regarding surrender of Addis Ababa.
Battle of Shangkao ends as Japanese 11th Army returns to its bases after punitive expedition in which it was unable to capture Shangkao.


On April 3, 1941, the South Carolina General Assembly ratified an act authorizing a $150,000 bond issue for the new stadium, and the bill went to Governor Burnet R. Maybank for signature.

On April 3, 1941, hotel owner Thomas Hull opened the El Rancho Vegas. It was the first resort on what would become the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel gained much of its fame from the gourmet buffet that it offered.


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