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Боевые 40-е 1941 4 апреля, пятница (II)

.   Пр-во Югославии решило, что в случае, если Югославия окажется в состоянии войны, Белград, Загреб, Любляны будут объявлены открытыми, незащищаемыми городами.


.   ПГеЙзиКём пГ-ва в Бельгии стал О. Плишнер.
.   ПГеЙзиКом Ливана стал П.-Г. Арлабос, ПМ — А.Г. Наквач.
.   ПГеЙзиКом и ПМ Сирии стал Х. аль-Азм от Националистического Блока.

…when the Vichy government assumed power over French territory in 1940, Ge. Henri Fernand Dentz was appointed as high commissioner of Lebanon. This new turning point led to the resignation of Lebanese president Émile Eddé on April 4, 1941. After five days, Dentz appointed Alfred Naqqache for a presidency period that lasted only three months.


.   Das Überwachungsgeschwader (UeG, französisch escadre de surveillance, italienisch Squadra di vigilanza) war die Berufspilotenformation der Schweizer Luftwaffe.
.   Schweizer Militärpiloten waren im 20. Jahrhundert grundsätzlich Milizsoldaten. Während des Kriegs ergab sich die Notwendigkeit eines permanent verfügbaren, professionellen Verbands zur Wahrung der Neutralität. Am 4. April 1941 beschloss der Bundesrat die Schaffung des Überwachungsgeschwaders.


U-206, F. Krupp Germaniawerft AG, Kiel (werk 635). Ordered 16 Oct 1939. Laid down 17 Jun 1940. Launched 4 Apr 1941. Commissioned 17 May 1941. Missing since 29 November 1941 in the Bay of Biscay. Possibly sunk on or about 30 November south-west of St. Nazaire.
U-571 Blohm & Voss, Hamburg (werk 547). Ordered 24 Oct 1939. Laid down 8 Jun 1940. Launched 4 Apr 1941. Commissioned 22 May 1941. Sunk on 28 January 1944 in North Atlantic west of Ireland.
Laid down U-338 Nordseewerke, Emden (werk 210). Ordered 21 Nov 1940. Laid down 4 Apr 1941. Launched 20 Apr 1942. Commissioned 25 Jun 1942. Missing since 20 September 1943 in the North Atlantic.


17 boats at sea: U-46, U-48, U-52, U-69, U-73, U-74, U-76 (8400 tons of wheat), U-94 (94157 bushels of wheat), U-97 (8,132 GRT tanker in ballast), U-98 (2600 tons of pulp and 350 tons of steel, 7900 tons of grain), U-101, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-107, U-108, U-124 (7100 tons of general cargo and 1500 tons of pig iron).


War Losses RN Armed Merchant Cruiser Voltaire (F 47). Royal Hellenic Navy Torpedo boat Proussa.
Προύσα (Τορπιλοβόλο) / 75. Πρώην αυστριακό ‘94-F’. <https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/Προύσα_(τορπιλοβόλο)>

British mooring vessel HMS Buffalo wondered into a minefield laid by friendly vessels, struck a mine, and sank off Singapore, killing 32.

Commissioned RN Minesweeper Cromer (J 128). RN Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1006 (ML 1006), HDML 1016 (ML 1016). RN Landing Craft Tank LCT 28, LCT 29, LCT 30, RN Motor Gun Boat MGB 86 (II), MGB 87 (II), MGB 88 (II), MGB 89 (II), MGB 90 (II), MGB 91 (II), MGB 92 (II), MGB 93 (II).
Launched US Navy Minesweeper Courlan (AMc-44).
Laid down Corvette HMS Sweetbriar (K 209).


Friday, 4 April

British steamers was sunk by German bombing: SALVUS (4815grt) in 53-05N, 1-27E, WHITBY (164grt) three miles south, southeast of Blackwater Light Vessel; CAPE VERDE (6914grt) (damaged) in 52-12N, 5-42W.
Free French sloops SUIPPE and CONQUERANT were sunk by German bombing at Falmouth.
Greek torpedo boat PROUSA and Greek steamer SUSSANNA (932grt) was sunk by German bombing at Corfu.
Italian torpedo boat ACERBI was sunk at Massawa.
German and Italian steamers were scuttled at Massawa.
German: CREFELD (8045grt), FRAUENFELS (7487grt) (was salved as EMPIRE NIGER), GERA (5155grt) (was salved as EMPIRE INDUS), LICHTENFELS (7566grt), LIEBENFELS (6318grt) (was salved at EMPIRE NILE), OLIVA (7885grt).
Italian: ADUA (3564grt), BRENTA (5400grt), ARABIA (5943grt), ROMOLO GESSI (5148grt), coastal IMPERO (488grt), VESUVIO (5430grt) (was later salved), XXIII MARZO (5006grt).
Battlecruiser RENOWN, aircraft carriers ARK ROYAL and FURIOUS, light cruiser SHEFFIELD, and destroyers FAULKNOR, FEARLESS, FORTUNE, and FORESIGHT departed Gibraltar on Operation PRINCIPAL, an attack on French battleship DUNKERQUE.
Convoy ASF.23 of two British and one Greek ship departed Piraeus escorted by anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY, destroyers DECOY, HERO, and corvette SALVIA. Net layer PROTECTOR sailed in the convoy to repair the boom defences at Suda Bay and transport motor generators for damaged cruiser YORK. The convoy arrived at Alexandria on the 7th.
Battlecruiser REPULSE, aircraft carrier ARGUS, and troopship NARKUNDA with destroyers HIGHLANDER, FURY, and VELOX departed Gibraltar for England. Aircraft carrier FURIOUS departed later.
Australian heavy cruiser CANBERRA departed Mauritius escorting British steamer TALAMBA, carrying 910 troops. The cruiser escorted the steamer to the Seychelles where 500 more personnel were embarked.
Light cruiser GLASGOW escorted the steamer from the Seychelles until rendezvousing with convoy WS.6. The steamer continued on to the Middle East arriving on the 29th.
HMS Unbeaten ended her 1st war patrol at Portsmouth.
HMS Tetrarch (Lt.Cdr. R.M.T. Peacock) fired two torpedoes at a 1500 tons merchant vessel anchored off Burat. No hits were obtained.
HMS Rorqual ended her 13th war patrol (10th in the Mediterranean) at Malta after minelaying operations off western Sicily.


5-я лёгкая дивизия заняла Бенгази. //

April 4th

The Germans capture Benghazi. // Australian & British forces withdraw from Benghazi; Benghazi and Msus captured by Axis.

Western Desert

Australian 20th Infantry Brigade withdrawing from Benghazi. Rommel’s Afrika Korps enters Benghazi.

[Siege of Tobruk]

Axis troops captured Benghazi, Libya, which was evacuated by British forces on the previous day. They pushed further east to the Green Mountain, where they were held by 3 companies of the Australian 9th Division. In the desert to the south, while 5th Light Division was held in place waiting for a resupply of fuel, the British did not realize the German offensive through the desert had paused and continued to fall back. From the air, Luftwaffe aircraft destroyed a convoy of 21 trucks, destroying 1,600 gallons of gasoline.


April 4

Quote by Adolf Hitler to Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka: “… Germany would… promptly take part in case of a conflict between Japan and America…”.
The Canadian federal cabinet introduces Order In Council PC 2385, The Merchant Seamen Order, giving authorities power to detain disobedient seamen from ships of any registry in Canadian ports.
Ge. Olof Thörnell, commander of Swedish forces, issues a report to government, stating that Sweden should prepare to participate in a war against the Soviet Union, for the sake of Finland, Sweden's future position, and prestige in northern Europe.


War Diary for Friday, 4 April 1941

Luftwaffe attacks Bristol overnight with 83 aircraft.

RAF Bomber Command sends 54 aircraft to attack Kriegsmarine warships at Brest overnight.

South African Air Force aircraft conduct heavy attacks against Addis Ababa airfield.
The Duke of Aosta retreats with Italian forces to mountain stronghold at Amba Alagi. Italian garrison withdraws from Debra Markos due to activity of Wingate's Gideon Force.



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