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Боевые 40-е 1941 5 апреля, суббота (II)

.   25 марта–5 апреля – по всем военным округам, кроме ПрибОВО и ДВФ, произведён частичный призыв в РККА граждан, родившихся после 1 сентября 1921 г. и не прошедших призыв в 1940 г. Всего призвано 394 тыс. чел. Призыв прошёл в порядке, в строго установленный срок, без огласки в печати и на собраниях.
НКВД СССР утвердил «Положение об Управлении оперативных войск».


Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley CBE (19 June 1876–5 April 1941) was one of Britain’s most famous steam locomotive engineers, who rose to become Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). He was the designer of some of the most famous steam locomotives in Britain, including the LNER Class A1 and LNER Class A4 4-6-2 Pacific engines. An A1 Pacific, Flying Scotsman, was the first steam locomotive officially recorded over 100 mph in passenger service, and an A4, number 4468 Mallard, still holds the record for being the fastest steam locomotive in the world (126 mph).


See 21 February 1941.

Funding of a 30,000-pilot training program was approved on 5 April 1941, and included new GCACTC bases at “Enid, Okla.; Perrin Field, Sherman, Tex.; Waco, Tex.; Moore Field, Mission, Tex.; Lubbock, Tex.; Midland, Tex.; and Lake Charles, La.”


War Losses Mooring vessel Buffalo.
Commissioned HDML 1013 (ML 1013).
Launched US Navy Minesweeper Limpkin (AMc-48).
Laid down US Navy Minesweeper Assertive (AMc-65).


U-76 was sunk south of Iceland, in position 58°35’N, 20°20’W, by depth charges from the destroyer HMS Wolverine (Lt.Cdr. J.M. Rowland) and the sloop HMS Scarborough (Lt.Cdr. A.P. Northney).

HMS Regent ended her 10th war patrol (7th in the Mediterranean) at Malta.
HMS Triumph ended her 13th war patrol at Alexandria.
The battleship HMS Resolution and the Polish destroyers Garland and Piorun escorted troop ships to Hvalfjord, Iceland. They arrived in Iceland on the 9th.
HrMs O 10 ended her 2nd war patrol at Plymouth.
Saturday, 5 April
Battleship RESOLUTION with escorting destroyers departed Greenock for Hvalfjord. The battleship proceeded on to Halifax, then Philadelphia for refitting.
Minelayers SOUTHERN PRINCE, AGAMEMNON, PORT QUEBEC, and MENESTHEUS, escorted by destroyers COSSACK and ANTHONY, which had departed Scapa Flow at 0900 4th and arrived at Loch Alsh at 1630, LANCASTER, and ST. MARYS, departed Loch Alsh at 1630 5th for minelaying operation SN.8.
Convoy AN.25 of five British and one Greek ship departed Alexandria escorted by anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY and destroyers JERVIS and JANUS.
Greek steamer SIFNOS (2290 grt) was sunk by German bombing at Milos.
On the 5th, operation PRINCIPAL was cancelled when it was found that the battleship Dunkerque was not preparing to leave port.
XXXX. Armeekorps (mot.)
.   Von Bulgarien aus nahm das Korps ab dem 5. April am Feldzug gegen Jugoslawien und Griechenland teil.
Dabei stieß die 9. Panzer-Division, zusammen mit der SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, von Kjustendil aus über Kriva Palanka auf Skopje vor, das am 7. April erreicht wurde.
04/05/1941 Beginning of the Italian operations against Yugoslavia.
5 Apr 1941
At Moscow Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union entered into a non-aggression treaty.
The German embassy in Moscow reported that Soviet exports to Germany had dramatically increased in the month of Mar 1941, but the flow of goods from Germany to the SU had slowed.
The US Congress passed the Fifth Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1941, which allocated US$14,575,000 for establishing a Marine Corps training ground on the east coast of the US.
War Diary for Saturday, 5 April 1941
Tokyo vows to control all rubber exports from Southeast Asia.
Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union sign a treaty of friendship.


Agent reports to Stalin from Prague that Germany will invade Soviet Union on 15 May.
Вот не зря (правда, не по последствиям) тов. Сталин материл ГРУ последними словами — сказка либо заведомо ложная, подкинутая HMSIS не то с намёком, понятым Васильевьськи, на превентивный удар, не то с намёком на судьбу Готтогейпи-Голштиньски дуньканасти, либо чрезвычайно устаревшая.

Ge. Carton de Wiart appointed head of British military mission to Yugoslavia.
Ge. Wilson receives Ultra warning that German attack will commence at dawn on 6 April. Eden and Dill fly to Cairo.
All British, Australian and New Zealand forces in Greece came under command of the veteran Australian, Ge. Thomas Blamey to form the 1st Australian Corps.


Antonescu informed that Germany will invade Yugoslavia.





South African Air Force aircraft conduct heavy attacks against Addis Ababa airfield.
East African 22nd IBr crosses the Awash River, advances toward Addis Ababa and halts outside Addis Ababa.


Венесуэла и Колумбия подписали договор о границе.
.   El presidente colombiano, Eduardo Santos, y el venezolano, Eleazar López, firman el tratado limítrofe de ambos países.

On April 5, 1941, Colombia and Venezuela created the Tratado de delimitación terrestre y de navegación de ríos comunes (Common rivers navigation and terrestrial delimitation treaty).

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