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Боевые 40-е 1941 9 апреля, среда (II) или по морям. по волнам


.   Hilfskreuzer Schiff 41 / Kormoran (FKpt. Detmers) versenkt auf Höhe des Äquators den brit. Frachter Craftsman (8022 BRT) und die griech. Nicolaos D.L. (5486 BRT).


.   Erfolglose Operation der ital. U-Boote Dandolo und Baracca westlich Gibraltar.



.   Vor der griech.-alban. Küste lösen sich die ital. U-Boote Fisalia und Adua ab.


.   Ital. Nachschubgeleitzug von Palermo nach Tripolis mit den Tankern Persiano und Superga und den Transportern Bosforo und Ogaden, gesichert durch die Torpedoboote Montanari, Missori und Perseo.


Nordafrika / Mittelmeer

.   Einheiten der brit. Mittelmeer Flotte werden zur Unterstützung und zum Schutz des Abzugs der brit. 8. Armee aus dem Gebiet zwischen Tobruk und der ägyptischen Grenze eingesetzt. In den Nächten des 9./10.4. und 10./11.4. beschießen die Kanonenboote Aphis und Gnat Bomba und Gazala.
Laid down U-445, U-446
U-445, VIIC, F Schichau GmbH, Danzig (werk 1505). Ordered 6 Aug 1940. Laid down 9 Apr 1941. Launched 19 Mar 1942. Commissioned 30 May 1942. Sunk on 24 August 1944 in the Bay of Biscay south-west of Brest.
U-446, VIIC, F Schichau GmbH, Danzig (werk 1506). Ordered 6 Aug 1940. Laid down 9 Apr 1941. Launched 11 Apr 1942. Commissioned 20 Jun 1942. Sunk on 21 September 1942 in the Baltic Sea off Kahlberg in the Danzig Bay.


U-98 (Gysae) HX-117 (straggler, the night of 7/8 April due to thick mist and heavy weather.) Prins Willem II (1,304, 1939, nl). 59° 50’N, 24° 25’W – Grid AL 1443 southwest of Iceland. 2020 tons of sugar Demerara – Halifax – London.
U-107 (Hessler)
Duffield (8,516, 1938, br). 31° 13’N, 23° 24’W – Grid DH 4416 west-southwest of Madeira. 11,700 tons of fuel oil Curaçao – Gibraltar.
OG-57 (dispersed) Harpathian (4,671, 1930, br). 32° 22’N, 22° 53’W – Grid DG 3983 southeast of the Azores. RAF stores Middlesbrough – Clyde – Freetown.
Sailed: Lorient: U-38.
17 boats at sea: U-38, U-46, U-52, U-69, U-73, U-74, U-94, U-97, U-98 ( 2020 tons of sugar), U-101, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-107 (11,700 tons of fuel oil, RAF stores), U-108, U-124, U-552.


Radio Intelligence indicates that another steamer (Duffield – 8,500 GRT) has been torpedoed and this can only be attributed to U 107.
U 98 started on her return passage.
U 106 reported supply carried out.
The operations area for boats S.W. of Iceland has been extended to 34° W. owing to a report from U 94 of heavy traffic W. of the attack areas of the other boats.
U 38 left Lorient for the southern area.
Report from the C.O. of U 48 (Lieut. (s.g.) Schulze):  This officer has made another excellent patrol, sinking 6 ships totaling 40,330 GRT.


Commissioning of USS North Carolina, which carried 9 16-inch guns.

USN battleship North Carolina, Builder: New York Naval Shipyard. Namesake: State of North Carolina. Ordered: 1 August 1937. Laid down: 27 October 1937. Launched: 13 June 1940. Commissioned: 9 April 1941.


HMS Unique departed Malta for her 7th war patrol (5th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol off Kerkenah, Tunisia.
HMS Ursula departed Malta for her 18th war patrol (5th in the Mediterranean). She was to patrol off the Gulf of Hammamet, near the Kurba Bank. Later she was ordered to patrol off Cape Bon.
HMS Olympus arrived at Malta with many defects.
HMS Upright ended her 9th war patrol (7th in the Mediterranean) at Malta.
HrMs O 9 ended her 2nd war patrol at Falmouth.


Wednesday, 9 April

…the convoy OB.306 dispersed on the 9th.
Convoy SC.28 departed Halifax, escorted by armed merchant cruiser CHITRAL.
Convoy SL.71 departed Freetown escorted by armed merchant cruiser CILICIA that day only…
Yugoslav destroyer BEOGRAD was badly damaged by the near misses of German air bombs at Sibenik.
British tanker LUNULA (6363 grt) was badly damaged at Shell-haven jetty in Thames Haven on a mine.
British steamer DUDLEY ROSE (1600 grt) was sunk by German bombing four miles 150° from Berry Head.
Norwegian tanker BUESTEN (5187 grt) was sunk by German bombing four miles 150° from Berry Head.
Norwegian steamer BJORNVIK (812grt) was damaged by German bombing four miles 150° from Berry Head.
British steamer PANDORIAN (4159 grt) was damaged by German bombing fifteen miles 140° from Duncansby Head.
British steamer KYLEGORM (622 grt) was damaged by German bombing at four miles 245° from St Ann's Head.
British tanker BRITISH WORKMAN (6994 grt) in convoy EC.4 was damaged by German bombing in 58-31N, 2-40W.
British steamer ABERHILL (1516 grt) was damaged by German bombing in 54-37N, 00-48W.
British tanker BRITISH STATESMAN (6991 grt) was damaged by German bombing in Barrow Deep off Harwich.
Auxiliary minesweeper MARMION (409 grt) was sunk by German bombing alongside Harwich Pier.
Examination ship D'ARCY COOPER (126 grt) was sunk by German bombing at Harwich.
Launch FALCON was sunk by German bombing at Harwich.
Motor lifeboat JOHN PYEMONT was sunk by German bombing at Tyne-mouth when the Tyne-mouth R. N. L. B. I. boathouse was bombed.
British fire floats ALERT and GRETA were badly damaged by German bombing during the night of 9/10 April at Ipswich.
Fire float QUEEN was sunk by bombing during the night of 9/10 April while in dock at Ipswich.
Italian supply convoy departed Naples with transports ANDREA GRITTI (6338grt), SEBASTIANO VENIER (6311grt), RIALTO (6099grt), BIRMANIA (5305grt), BARBARIGO (5293grt) escorted by destroyer DARDO and torpedo boats CLIO, COSENZ, and PAPA, and arrived at Tripoli on the 11th.
Submarine UPHOLDER made two unsuccessful attacks on shipping off Cape Bon.
Gunboats APHIS and GNAT bombarded Bomba during the nights of 9/10 and 10/11 April.
Aircraft carrier EAGLE departed Alexandria, escorted by destroyers DECOY and ENCOUNTER, for Port Said in preparation to leaving the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

Convoy AG.11 of five British ships, including armed boarding vessel FIONA to be detached en route to Tobruk, departed Alexandria escorted by destroyers MOHAWK and WRYNECK and sloop GRIMSBY. On the 9th, the ships were dispersed to Volo, Eleusis, Khalkis, and Stylis as Piraeus Harbour was stilled closed.

French troopship FELIX ROUSSEL, carrying Indian troops, departed Singapore. Light cruiser DAUNTLESS escorted the steamer from the vicinity of Penang to 10N, 80E. The troopship arrived at Bombay on the 18th.

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