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Боевые 40-е 1941 12 апреля, суббота (II По морям. по волнам)



Luftkrieg Griechenland

Am 12.4. beschädigen He 111 der II./KG.26 durch Bombentreffer in Piräus den brit. Tanker Marie Maersk (ex-dän., 8271 BRT), das Schiff wird von der brit. Besatzung aufgegeben (1942 gehoben, von der dt. Mittelmeer-Reederei übernommen, nicht repariert.). Ju 88 der III./LG.1 versenken bei der Insel Phlera den brit. Kabelleger Retriever (674 BRT).


.   Ital. Nachschubgeleitzug von Palermo nach Tripolis mit den Tankern Persiano und Superga und den Transportern Bosforo und Ogaden, gesichert durch die Torpedoboote Montanari, Missori und Perseo. Am 10. und 11.4. wird das Geleit im Gebiet von Cap Bon vom brit. Unterseeboot Upholder (Lt. Cdr. Wanklyn) dreimal ohne Erfolg und am 12.4. vor Tripolis von Tetrarch (Lt. Cdr. Peacock) angegriffen, das den Tanker Persiano (2474 BRT) versenkt. Ursula (Lt. Cdr. Hezlet) verfehlt am 12.4. ein Geleit vor Cap Bon, Unique findet keine Ziele.



Am 12.4. unternehmen 6 Zerstörer, gedeckt von den Leichten Kreuzern Ajax, Orion und Perth einen Vorstoß entlang der Küste bis Ras et Tin.
Launched U-574
U-574 (VIIC) Blohm & Voss, Hamburg (werk 550). Ordered 24 Oct 1939. Laid down 15 Jun 1940. Launched 12 Apr 1941. Commissioned 12 Jun 1941. Sunk on 19 December 1941 in the North Atlantic east of Ponta Delgada, Azores.
Sailed: Lorient: U-65 (lost 17 days later). St. Nazaire: U-95, U-96.
18 boats at sea: U-38, U-52, U-65, U-73, U-75, U-94, U-95, U-96, U-98, U-101, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-107, U-108, U-123, U-124 (7600 tons of grain and general cargo, including canned meat, cotton, rice and wet hides), U-552.


U 124 reported heavy traffic. She is W. of Freetown.
U 65 left Lorient, U 95 and 96 St. Nazaire for the northern area.
Report from the C.O. of U 74 (Kentrath): This new boat carried out a patrol the final results of which are wholly satisfactory in spite of the difficult conditions often encountered and the Commanding Officer’s lack of experience. 3 ships totaling 14,500 tons.
Report from U 69 (Metzler): 2 ships totaling 14,500 GRT. The Commanding Officer had no luck on this patrol. By comparison with what the boat sighted the results are meager, due to technical defects, torpedo failures and the fact that the Commanding Officer did not always act for the best.
From the reports of all boats which have recently entered port it can be seen that the idea that there was a strong patrol in the northern area was not correct. Some of the boats encountered very few patrolling forces, although of course enemy anti-submarine activity as a whole has increased considerably as compared with 6 months ago, especially in the coastal areas.


German armed merchant cruiser Kormoran sank Greek ship Nicolaos D. L. 920 miles southwest of British West Africa, capturing the entire crew of 38.

.   Лёгкий крейсер Кисо ушёл с о-вов Палау в Метрополию.


Submarine M-118. Mod 3rd group (Type XII).

Built by Krasnoye Sormovo (Gorkiy) / Yard 112 and Marti Yard (Nikolayev) / Yard 198.

Laid down 29 Oct 1940. Launched 12 Apr 1941. Commissioned 8 Nov 1941. Lost 1 Oct 1942. Sunk off Cape Burnas in position 45º53’N, 30º19’E by the Romanian minesweepers Sublocotenant Ghiculescu and Locotenant-Commandor Stihi Eugen.


HMS Tetrarch (Lt. Cdr. R.M.T. Peacock) torpedoed and sank the Italian tanker Persiano (2474 GRT, built 1889) about 30 nautical miles north-west of Tripoli, Libya in position 33°29’N, 13°01’E.

Saturday, 12 April

Steamers JALAPADMA (3935 grt) and JALAKRISHNA (4981 grt) departed Madras on the 12th, unescorted, with vehicles and stores for the units carried in convoy BM.6, and arrived at Penang on the 16th.
Convoy HX.120. Battleship ROYAL SOVEREIGN and armed merchant cruiser LACONIA joined the convoy on the 12th.
Convoy OB.309 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers CHELSEA, VERITY, VETERAN, and WOLVERINE, armed boarding vessel MARON, seaplane carrier PEGASUS, sloop DEPTFORD, and corvettes BEGONIA, CONVOLVULUS, and LARKSPUR.
British grain elevator CHICAGO was sunk by German bombing at Millwall Dock, London.
Belgian steamer ARBEL (901 grt) was sunk by German bombing in 50-06N, 5-46W.
Swedish steamer KEXHOLM (3815 grt) was sunk by German bombing in 59-50N, 8-22W.
British steamer DARTFORD (4093 grt) was damaged by German bombing one and a half miles south of Mumbles Light.
Greek steamer NICOLAOS D.L. (5486 grt) was sunk by German raider KORMORAN at 1-54S, 22-12W.
Italian submarine TAZZOLI attacked a Destroyer without success in 45N, 19W.
Armed merchant cruiser BULOLO captured French steamer FORT DE FRANCE (4279 grt), which had departed Martinique on the 1st for Casablanca, at 27-39N, 28-06W. The steamer was sent towards Gibraltar under armed guard.
The steamer was stopped on the 12th by light cruiser PRIMAUGET and boarded by French destroyer ALBATROS. The steamer taken to Casablanca, arriving on the 13th. The prise crew was interned.
Armed merchant cruiser DUNNOTTAR CASTLE captured French steamer BANFORA, which had departed Dakar on the 10th, near Port Etienne. The steamer arrived at Freetown on the 17th.
British tanker MARIE MAERSK (8271 grt) was sunk by German bombing at Piraeus.
Submarine UNBEATEN departed Portsmouth for Gibraltar arriving on the 21st.
In Operation MBD.3, destroyers STUART, GRIFFIN, JUNO, and JAGUAR were sweeping off Cyrenaica from Ras Tayones to Ras et Tin covered by light cruisers ORION, AJAX, and PERTH and destroyer HASTY during the night of 12/13 April.
Destroyers JERVIS, JANUS, MOHAWK, and NUBIAN departed Malta to intercept southbound convoy of steamers ANKARA, MARBURG, KIBFELS, REICHENFELS, and GALILEA, escorted by destroyers VIVALDI, DA NOLI, MALOCOLLO, and DARDO. Torpedo boats CIRCE and MONTANARI joined from Tripoli.
In air attack on this convoy during the night of 12/13 April, A/Sub Lt (A) A.P. Dawson with Leading Airman A. Todd and Petty Officer Airman C.H. Wines with Leading Airman L.M. Edwards of 830 Squadron from ST ANGELO, were shot down and interned by the French.
Convoy BS.23 (See Apr 7)
Sloops CLIVE and HINDUSTAN were detached on the 12th.


12 April 1941

Холодрыга 17° C.
Arrived in the operational zone: 2x fast artillery regiments (Articelere) Col. Grati (Corps Artillery Regiment).



Italian Map of the area between Tobruk and Bardia.


.   Танкер Персиано с 2200 куб. метрами бензина торпедирован и затонул.
Слухи, сплетни донесения разведки и обыденная боевая деятельность. Уси на Тобрук! Даёшь овсянку!
Правда, шо тама у Тобрукю твариццо


ROMMEL’S FIRST ATTACK (March – April 1941)

By 12th April Bardia was captured, with Sollum and Fort Capuzzo falling the next day. In just 2 days Rommel had driven the British out of Libya, save the beleaguered fortress of Tobruk. As well as the 9th Australian Division, a Brigade group from 7th Australian Division, was rushed to Tobruk by sea escorted by the RN. With this force went ‘B’ and ‘C’ Squadrons of 1st RTR with twenty MK IVB Light Tanks and sixteen A9 and A10 Cruiser Tanks, plus four Matildas from 4th RTR. Also among the defenders of Tobruk were other units from 7th Armoured, which include ‘A’ Battery (Chestnut Troop), 1 RHA, which had just joined the refitting Division, 51st Field Regt RA, which was a Corps units just assigned to support the Division and some of 11th Hussars, too. The latter had been in Tobruk purely by chance as on 8th April two Marmon-Herrington Armoured Cars had been taken the Ordnance depot in the town to have Breda AA MGs fitted. The work was incomplete when the siege started so the joined the 3rd Hussars Group providing AA support. After later protecting the airfield the armoured cars and crews were evacuated back to Alexandria a month later.


RAF Bomber Command sends NN aircraft to attack NN overnight: 66 warships at Brest, 24 airfield at Bordeaux, 20 Dusseldorf and Gelsenkirchen in daylight.

RAF Fighter Command Rhubarb operations.

British bombers conducted a raid on the fish oil factories in Hammerfest, Norway.

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