Календарь пана Вотруба. Даже куры, даже куры убежали от него

.   381 – Otwarto obrady soboru konstantynopolitańskiego I zwołanego przez cesarza Teodozjusza I Wielkiego. [1640]

.   1351 – Zurych przyłączył się do antyhabsburskiej kampanii miast szwajcarskich.

.   1551 – Rozpoczęła się druga faza obrad soboru trydenckiego.

.   1711 – W Szatmár (obecnie Satu Mare) podpisano traktat pokojowy kończący antyhabsburskie powstanie Rakoczego na Węgrzech.

.   1 maja 1751 r. – Pożar Nowogródka.

.   1771 – Yves Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec wypłynął z Francji w pierwszą wyprawę w poszukiwaniu hipotetycznego Lądu Południowego.

.   1821 – Mjr Walerian Łukasiński założył w Warszawie tajne Narodowe Towarzystwo Patriotyczne.

.   1 maja 1821

.   Powstanie Towarzystwa Patriotycznego.

.   Уже к июлю жандармы всё знали — у гонорейнихь пани вечно словесьни па-а-а-нось — и в октябре 1822 пошли задержания неблагодарных говнючкивь.

1851 – Queen Victoria opens the Great Exhibition in London. [170]


May 1st, battle of Fort Washita, Indian Territory (X)

Federal troops still occupied Fort Washita when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. Expecting war Colonel William Emory had concentrated all of his Federal troops from Forts Arbuckle and Cobb at Fort Washita.

When news of Fort Sumter reached Emory on April 16 he led his forces to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, pursued by 4000 Texas militia one day behind them.

Afterwards the Confederate forces seized Fort Washita.

Both the Choctaw and Chickasaw were allied with the Confederacy throughout the duration of the war. During the Civil War Fort Washita saw no action, though it was an important supply depot for the Confederates in the Indian Territory.

< https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Washita#The_Civil_War >

.   1891 : en France, fusillade de Fourmies. À Fourmies (Nord), lors de la première célébration française et internationale de la journée d’action du 1er mai, la troupe tire sur les grévistes faisant dix morts (hommes et femmes âgés de 11 à 30 ans) et trente-cinq blessés.

.   Le 1er mai 1891, à Fourmies, une petite ville du nord de la France, la manifestation rituelle en faveur de la journée de 8 heures tourne au drame.

.   La troupe, équipée des nouveaux fusils Lebel, tire à bout portant sur la foule pacifique des ouvriers. Elle fait dix morts dont 8 de moins de 21 ans. L’une des victimes, l’ouvrière Marie Blondeau, habillée de blanc et les bras couverts de fleurs, devient le symbole de cette journée.

.   Avec la fusillade de Fourmies, le 1er mai s'enracine dans la tradition de lutte des ouvriers européens.

.   El 1 de mayo 1891: murió Ferdinand Gregorovius, historiador alemán (n. 1821).

1901 – The Pan-American Exposition opens in Buffalo, New York.

.   1911 – zginął w wypadku lotniczym Bronisław Matyjewicz-Maciejewicz, русский pilot (ur. 2 grudnia 1882).

1921 – The first radio fog signals in the US were placed in commission on Ambrose Lightship, Fire Island Lightship, and Sea Girt Light Station, NJ.

.   – W Jafie w rozruchach arabsko-żydowskich zginęło 95 osób, a 219 zostało rannych.

.   – Senat Wolnego Miasta Gdańska przejął obowiązki i kompetencje magistratu gdańskiego, stając się równocześnie organem administracji samorządowej.

.   Поповские проделки

.   Священники п. Саргатки и Увальной Битии, Саргатской волости, за исповедь с каждого православного берут по калачу, иногда по два, а случается и по три. „Попоститесь православные. Господь велел поститься“. Тогда как поп от избытка хлеба кормит птицу и скот, бедная учительница У. Битии чуть не умирает с голоду, несмотря на то, что она учит детей этого же населения и, безусловно, заслуживает пропитания.

.   Битинцы скоро-ли вы разберетесь.

.   Скрижали показухи: 1921 1 мая — Открыта почтово-пассажирская авиалиния Москва–Орёл–Харьков (обслуживали самолёты «Илья Муромец»). Самолеты и двигатели сильно изношены, из-за чего уже 10 октября 1922 г. линию закрыли. За это время перевезено 60 пассажиров и ~2 т грузов.

1931 – The Empire State Building is dedicated in New York City. [90]

.   Скрижали показухи: Ленинград признан первым в стране городом сплошной грамотности. В ходе компании ликбеза обучены 34 273 неграмотных и 112 724 малограмотных.

.   Flota Włoch: Wszedł do służby okręt Antonio Pigafetta (niszczyciel, typ Navigatori).

.   Antonio Pigafetta (PI). cacciatorpediniere la classe Navigatori. Cantieri Navali del Quarnaro, Fiume. Impostazione 29 dicembre 1928. Varo 10 novembre 1929. Entrata in servizio 1º maggio 1931. Destino finale Sabotato dall'equipaggio all'armistizio dell'8 settembre 1943. Catturato dai tedeschi e rinominato TA 44, venne affondato il 17 febbraio 1945 durante un bombardamento aereo alleato.

.   1 мая 1941 г.

.   [Ленинград.] 1-го мая была на демонстрации в зимнем пальто. Сначала была погода ничего, потом пошёл снег, и я промочила ноги.

.   …

.   Япония. Реорганизация Планового бюро.

– German forces launch a major attack on Tobruk.

The Tobruk garrison continued work on the defences and sowed minefields, the first being planted in the south-west, between the outer and inner perimeters. Twelve infantry tanks had been delivered among 5,000 long tons (5,100 t) of supplies landed during the month, despite Axis bombing of the harbour and the sinking of two supply ships.

The Australians expected an attack, after withstanding bombing and artillery-fire on the perimeter defences on 29 April; …

…Axis troops seen massing in the evening of 30 April had been dispersed by artillery-fire. The posts either side of Ras el Medauar were shelled and bombed and German troops began to dribble forward, under cover of dust and the gathering darkness.

By 9:30 p.m., the Germans made a small bridgehead as planned but several Australian posts held out, the reconnaissance party vanished and the Italian troops were not able to reach their objectives.

The night passed in confused fighting as the Germans tried to reorganise and mop up at Ras el Medauar and attack south-westwards along the perimeter.

The new attack failed and by morning, some of the Australian posts were still holding out.

A thick mist rose and German tanks moved eastwards instead of south-east and then ran into the new minefield, where they were engaged by anti-tank guns and repulsed. Tanks of the 15th Panzer Div., tried to drive north but were prevented by anti-tank fire. No German reserves were left and the most advanced troops were south of Wadi Giaida, tired and isolated in a sandstorm. Paulus judged that the attack had failed and Rommel decided to attack on the right to widen the breach. In the afternoon, German tanks attacked south-east towards Bir el Medauar and Morshead sent 15 cruiser and five infantry tanks to counter-attack. The German attack was stopped for a loss of five British tanks and in the evening, the Australian 2/48th Battalion counter-attacked Ras el Medauar but met determined resistance and was repulsed.

During the day, 73 and 274 Squadrons had maintained standing patrols over the area…

The Axis attack had overrun the perimeter defences on a 3 mi (4.8 km) front, to a maximum depth of 2 mi (3.2 km) and captured higher ground useful as a jumping-off position and from which observation points could be established, for a loss of 650 German and 500 Italian casualties. The 8th Bersaglieri Regiment of the 132nd Armoured Division Ariete had captured most of the Australian positions.

.   Bitwa o Atlantyk: U-552 zatopił na północnym Atlantyku brytyjski statek pasażersko-towarowy „Nerissa”, w wyniku czego zginęło 207 osób.

Sailed: Kiel: U-556. Lorient: U-98. St. Nazaire: U-97.

Entering base: Kiel: U-52 (29 days). Lorient: U-124 (68 days).

22 boats at sea: U-38, U-75, U-94, U-95, U-96, U-97, U-98, U-101, U-103 (1316 tons of groundnuts), U-105, U-106, U-107, U-108, U-110, U-123, U-141, U-143, U-147, U-201, U-552 (175 passengers and 3049 tons of general cargo, including aluminum, motor trucks and shells), U-553, U-556.

.   1941 : sortie à New York du film d’Orson Welles, Citizen Kane (en France le 3 juillet 1946 seulement).


.   1 мая. На НКМЗ торжественно отметили выпуск ЭШ-1 №100.

.   1951 (70) Początek emisji programu „Radio Wolna Europa” dla krajów Europy Wschodniej.


– USS Princeton aircraft attack Hwachon Dam using aerial torpedoes, only use of this weapon in Korean War. They knocked out two floodgates.

– The first phase of the Chinese offensive was halted north of Seoul.

(70) zmarla Nora Cecil, aktorka angielska. Urodzona 1878. Zmarła Los Angeles, w wieku 73 lat.

Nora Cecil (September 20, 1878 – May 1, 1951) was an English-American character actress. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nora_Cecil>

1961 – The PM of Cuba, Fidel Castro, proclaims Cuba a socialist nation and abolishes elections.

.   1961 : Fidel Castro annonce la nationalisation des écoles privées à Cuba.

.   – Założono KGHM Polska Miedź (Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi).

.   – W Vácrátót otwarto największy węgierski Narodowy Ogród Botaniczny.

1971 Amtrak (Amtrak, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) takes over operation of U.S. passenger rail service.

Congress passed, and Pres. R. Nixon signed into law, the Rail Passenger Service Act. Proponents of the bill, led by the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP), sought government funding to assure the continuation of passenger trains. They conceived the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (NRPC), a hybrid public-private entity that would receive taxpayer funding and assume operation of intercity passenger trains.

Any participating railroad was freed of the obligation to operate intercity passenger service after May 1, 1971, except for those services chosen by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as part of a “basic system” of service and paid for by NRPC using its federal funds.

.   (50) Margaret Bert, aktorka angielska. Urodzona 1896. Zmarła Sacramento, w wieku 75 lat.

Margaret Bert (June 4, 1896 – May 1, 1971) was an American character actress who was most active from the 1930s through the 1950s. 


.   – zmarla Glenda Farrell, amerykańska aktorka (ur. 1904).

.   1971 : née Amira Casar, actrice française.

1981 – Senator Harrison A. Williams Junior (Democrat, New Jersey) was convicted in New York of charges related to the FBI’s “ABSCAM” probe.

.   El 1 de mayo 1981: aparece el primer caso del síndrome del aceite tóxico, una intoxicación masiva sufrida en España con aceite de colza, que afectó a 20 000 personas y causó la muerte a cerca de 1100.

.   1981 – zmarl Heinosuke Gosho, japoński reżyser filmowy (ur. 1902).

1991 – The government of Angola and US-backed guerrillas initialed agreements ending their civil war.

.   1991: 

.   en Bangladés, el río Ganges sube 20 m, inundando todo el delta. Medio millón de personas son evacuadas.

.   en la Ciudad del Vaticano, el papa Juan Pablo II publica la encíclica Centesimus annus por el centenario de la Rerum novarum de León XIII.

.   1991 – zmarl Cesare Merzagora, włoski bankowiec, polityk (ur. 1898).

.   1991 : morte Richard Thorpe, réalisateur américain (° 24 février 1896).

2001 – Pres. Bush committed the US to a missile defense shield. He also presented his case for withdrawing from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia.

May 1, 2001

Connection ASA moves to the main terminal building offering 3 daily flights to Atlanta, Georgia.

2001 – Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declares the existence of “a state of rebellion”, hours after thousands of supporters of her arrested predecessor, Joseph Estrada, storm towards the presidential palace at the height of the EDSA III rebellion.

.   Il colosso di Rodi (1961)

.   2001: murió Mabel Karr, actriz argentina (n. 1934).

.   2011 – Operacja „Neptune Spear”: prezydent USA Barack Obama poinformował o śmierci Usamy ibn Ladina, ukrywającego się w miejscowości Abbottabad w Pakistanie.


Hailstorms Bombard Texas, Oklahoma, Causing Billions Of Dollars In Damage

APRIL 30, 2021

New York’s Indian Point nuclear power plant closes after 59 years of operation

U.S. Rig Count Increases To 440 Rigs

Florida Passes New Elections Bill Adding Restrictions To Vote-By-Mail And Ballot Drop-Boxes


.   СтабилибздецЪ. Пожизненно

.   Даже куры в неволе не размножаются




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